From Inevitable to What the Hell - Journey of Indian Cricket Team

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Optimism, Whitewashed and Future ft. Indian Cricket Team

July 2020 – In the month of June, after losing to New Zealand in the World Test Series final, the cricketing fans of our nation were dejected. Things got better with time and by then it was clear that India will be sending their second team in Sri Lanka and the first team is busy preparing for the tests against England. A lot was written and was discussed that the Indian team is now so strong that it can field two teams at one go. It was compared to the great Australian team and was also debated whether this is the best period of Indian Cricket.

A reality check was very much required. Team India is leading in England but that is probably the only positive thing since then. They were thrashed out of the T20 World Series by Pakistan and New Zealand. Following that, they did win a test series against New Zealand at home but it wasn’t an easy one. The Kiwis were really good and kept the Indians under a lot of pressure. By whitewashing the Kiwis in the T20 Series, the Indian media once again hyped up the entire team and South Africa gave the reality check.

A nation that has the ability to field two world class teams at the same time and go for the win is losing to South Africa 3-0. What has changed in a span of 8 months? The thing that has changed is India’s ability to take bold calls. After losing to South Africa for 2 matches in a row and where the batting has not done really well, there was no point of dropping Shardul Thakur in the 3rd match but the team did. The team played Bhuvneshwar Kumar even when he should play the Legend’s tournament that’s going on. It’s been five to six years now that the middle order is dead and no one is stepping up to do the job. Shreyas Iyer was thought to be the perfect player but he hasn’t done anything to justify his position.

This can be called as one off but the performance in Sri Lanka wasn’t any good either. Rahul Dravid, the newly appointed head coach needs to guide this team really well as under his tenure, India hasn’t seen much of a success and this was not the case under Ravi Shastri. In a country where the result is everything, team India needs to step up big time.

What’s next for the team is to face West Indies and Sri Lanka on their home turf. In these series’, team India should give more opportunities to the young guns. With a year left for the World Series, team India needs to sort out all the problems as soon as possible. There’s not much time left and currently, there are so many problems. Under Rohit Sharma’s captaincy, we all hope that Team India will come out of this What the Hell situation and become inevitable once again! 

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