Hyderabad appoints Joao Victor as skipper for the 2021-22 season

By Real11 - Nov 16 2021 428 Views


Joao Victor to lead Hyderabad in the 2021-22 season

After a scintillating season last time around, Hyderabad once again can be the team to beat this time around. For that huge task, Joao Victor has been given the role to lead the side and reach the semi-finals; something that the club missed by a whisker in the last season.

Along with Victor, goalkeeper Laxmikant Kattimani and their new signee Bartholomew Ogbeche has been appointed as the vice captain of the team. After the departure of their star player, Liston Colaco, Ogbeche will have a lot of responsibility to finish the job upfront.

Ogbeche who won the league title and the shield in the last season with Mumbai was coming on as a substitute and was known for making the difference. Hyderabad can really use his pace up front especially when Aridane Santana has left the club. They need a leader up front and who better than Ogbeche?

After taking up the role as a captain, the Brazilian said, “Taking this role is like being a leader every day. It is all about how you respect players and how they respect you. They should feel that there is someone to help them, no matter what”.

He added, “Even last season, I think I was there supporting the youngsters and the whole team and this season as well. I will try to make them feel comfortable, to give them confidence but also to push them whenever required”. 


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