If I say 'our Virat Kohli', then I will not be wrong: Mohammed Rizwan

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Mohammed Rizwan promotes one family narrative, wins the heart of netizens

Despite political tension between two neighbouring countries, cricket always had and will have the last laugh when these two teams meet on a cricket field. We all have seen how the legends of the game now narrates different stories of various incidents that used to happen in bilateral tournaments and how fond they are of one another. The modern generation is not far behind. Whenever these two teams meet, we see how all the players enjoy each other’s company and in the county this year, we have seen something very unique. India’s Cheteshwar Pujara and Pakistan’s Mohammed Rizwan played a match-defining knock where the duo were also involved in a 154-run partnership in the game against Durham. Playing for Sussex, the duo has spent some time together and Rizwan in an interview also said how he wanted to focus on things like Pujara.

“Believe me, I haven't felt strange at all about it. I even joke around with him and also tease him a lot. He is a very nice person and his concentration and focus are unreal. If you can learn something from someone else, you must take that opportunity”, said Rizwan.

However what really hit the netizen was how the wicket-keeper batter promoted that the cricket fraternity is one family. In an interview he said, “The cricket fraternity is like a family for us. But if you are playing for Pakistan and your own brother is playing for Australia, then you will, of course, try to get him out because you are playing for your country. But that fight happens only on the ground. Otherwise, we are like a family. If I say 'our Virat Kohli', then I will not be wrong. Or 'our Pujara', 'our Smith' or 'our Root', because we all are one family”.

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