Lionel Messi bags 7th Ballon D'or of his career

By Real11 - Nov 30 2021 359 Views


Lewandowski snubbed as Lionel Messi lifts his 7th Ballon D’ Or

The little magician did what the magician is known for doing. Time and time again the boy has shown up, did it for his team and ended up being the best player in the world. Pretty simple for Leo Messi, isn’t it? Eat, Sleep, Win matches for his team, win tournaments for his team, win Ballon D’Or, and cement his position as one of the best ever to grace the game.

Here’s what the catch is. Ballon D’Or is being awarded for your performance across the year. Now, Lionel Messi was great in the first six months when he was playing for his former team, FC Barcelona. However, it is important to note that he was good only for Barcelona’s standard. The team was playing some horrible football last year and Messi was saving Barcelona every goddamn time and on some occasions, he couldn’t. Again, his performance was great only if we consider how poor Barcelona was. He was as good as Lukaku and Suarez was last season. In fact, the two of them won a trophy for their club which Lionel missed.

With Argentina, he was phenomenal. He stepped up in every match, scored goals and assisted in few and won the Copa trophy finally and of course because of his performance throughout the tournament, Leo was awarded with the best player of the tournament award.

Post that, the magician joined Paris Saint Germain, a club where his performance went straight down. With Mbappe, Neymar and Messi in the front three, the team is just not pressing the opposition and is being a zero help to defenders. In short, his journey in Paris has been a dreadful one.

This is Leo’s journey in the last six months. After analyzing everything, it’s difficult to say whether he deserves the Ballon D’Or or not. In terms of performance, Lewandowski or Benzema was very close to him, if not better. If winning trophies matter, Jorginho deserves it and if goals matter, Lewandowski deserves it.

This is not a dig at Messi but this is one such occasion when the credibility of the Ballon D’Or will be questioned but that shouldn’t affect Messi in any way. He had no role to play in deciding the winner. Thus, with 7th in his bag, he is already one of the greatest and we are fortunate enough to live in the era of Lionel Messi.


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