Pakistan will challenge India over the proposal of extending time for Indian T20 League

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Indian T20 League’s proposed extended window likely to be challenged by Pakistan Cricket Council

Feeling deprived, the Pakistan Cricket Council has planned to challenge the two-and-a-half-month expanded window for the Indian T20 League. Pakistan Cricket Board's chairman Ramiz Raja said that the above factor will be raised in the next meeting with the International Cricket Board.

Ramiz while addressing a press conference on Friday, stated that; “There has been no announcement or decision as yet on the Indian T20 League’s window being increased. I will give my views on this issue at the International Cricket Board’s conference meet.”

He also added, “My point is clear that if there is any development in world cricket, that means we are being deprived, we will definitely challenge it in a very forceful manner and put our points across strongly before the International Board.” 

Pakistan’s decision to challenge officially came after the Indian Cricket Board’s secretary Jay Shah said in an interview that the Indian Board will be getting an extended window in the International Cricket Board’s next FTP cycle for the Indian T20 League.

“From the next FTP cycle i.e. from 2024 to 2031, the Indian T20 League will get an official two and a half months window so that all the top international cricketers can participate. We have considered it after consulting the other boards as well as the International Cricket Board regarding the same”, Shah stated. 

Raja said that Pakistan is always ready to play with India, but the political situations and the international issues continue as setbacks. 

Raja also discussed certain topics with the Indian Cricket Board’s President Sourav Ganguly. He commented, “there are three former cricketers running the cricket boards and if they don’t make a difference then who will?”

“Twice Ganguly has invited me to attend the Indian T20 League finals both last year and this year and cricketing wise it made sense to go. But then because of certain situations, we had to look at turning out of accepting the invitations”, he added.

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