Teams can name up to 26 players for the upcoming football World Championship!

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Countries can name up to 26 players for the upcoming football World Championship!

Keeping the hectic European season in mind, the International board of football has decided to allow countries to name 26 players for the upcoming football World Championship in November. The Covid-19 scenario in the world has also helped the governing body to take such a decision. Previously, teams were allowed to carry 23 players with them but with the new rule in place, it will be beneficial for all the coaches to try something different and matches will of course be more interesting and intense seeing many fresh legs will be introduced in crunch situations.

“The number of players to be included on the final list has been increased to at least 23 and a maximum of 26”, said the International Football Council in a statement. “Given the need to retain additional flexibility due to the unique timing of this year’s competition”, the people in charge have taken such a decision.

FIFA also took into account the "broader context of the disruptive effects caused by the Covid-19 pandemic on squads before and during tournaments''. The European Board did something similar during Euros and that is exactly what the International board will replicate.

“No more than 26 people (No more than 15 subs, 11 team officials out of which one has to be the team doctor) will be allowed to sit on the team bench”, said the board in a statement.

The tournament is scheduled to start on 21st November and will continue till 18th of December.

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