The International Council of Cricket announced the World Series Schedule of the decade

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The International Council for Cricket announced the World Series schedule of the decade

The International council for Cricket on Tuesday officially announced the roadmap for the decade when it comes to World tournaments. In an official statement, the organization has stated that West Indies and United States of America will jointly host the T20 World Series in 2024 while India and Sri Lanka will jointly host it in 2026, Australia and New Zealand will have the responsibility in 2028 and England, Ireland and Scotland will be hosting it in the year 2030.

When it comes to ODI cricket, Pakistan has been given the responsibility to host the 2025 Champions League. This tournament will be their first as a host since the 1996 World Series when the country joined hands with India. The next edition of the Champions League will be organized in the year 2029 and India will be responsible for it.

When it comes to the 50 over World Series, India will be hosting it with Bangladesh in the year 2031. After the 2023 World Series, India will once again host the tournament and the fans are most excited about it. The last time India hosted a 50 over World Series, they went on to win it and now getting to host two world series in 8 years, the fans and the broadcasters will be more than happy.

The 2027 50 over World Series will be hosted in the land of Africa. This time not just South Africa but nations like Zimbabwe and Namibia will also be responsible for it. This will be a big opportunity for both these countries. If focused well, this will help them to develop their cricket and Namibia who’s doing really well can actually take advantage of this situation.

Just not them, all the associate nations who are given the responsibility can develop their grass root talent and become a proper cricketing nation. The scheduling couldn’t be any better as the council has involved as many as 12 countries in the mix to host the next few World Series’. Exciting times ahead of all the cricket lovers across the globe.


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