The Prodigal son returns to Camp Nou

By Real11 - Nov 15 2021 381 Views


Dani Alves is back in FC Barcelona

Xavi, the brand new coach of FC Barcelona is bringing his ‘avengers’ together as Dani Alves is set to return to the club he loves the most. The 38-year-old Brazilian is going to be Xavi’s first signing and it will definitely boost the confidence of all the young players.

Dani Alves is the perfect guy for Barcelona now. The club who’s struggling to keep up and is loitering somewhere in the middle of the table needs a character who can change the dressing room condition of the club. The boys can learn a lot from the champion and in return, Dani can teach them what playing for Barcelona actually is.

‘More than just a club’, Barca’s tagline doesn’t really suit how the club plays these days. There are a lot of young players in the mix and that can be troubling but foreign players need to understand what it is to wear a Barcelona shirt.

Thus, it is a very welcoming approach for Barcelona to get Dani back into the squad. It’s just not that he is just there to boost confidence and all that. The legendary right back can still contribute with his contribution in the field. He is one of the best right backs in the world. Yes, for quite some time now, he hasn’t played a game and it's been long since his last game in Europe. There however is no doubt that he can change the fate of the club by those brilliant crosses and not giving up attitude. He however can’t do it all by himself. Xavi needs new players who can equally contribute to his success. Signing Dani can be fruitful but they need more.


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