• Earn with Fantasy cricket game “REAL 11”

    Do you want to earn an extra penny just by playing some interesting cricket game in your free time? Yes, it’s true and that through by playing fantasy cricket game. Is it a joke or prank or if it is possible. Yes, you heard it correct it true and possible. You can play this fantasy cricket game and earn rewards in the form of money. If you are a cricket enthusiast and love playing cricket, you are in the correct place. Read this blog and get ready to earn.

    What actually is Fantasy cricket?

    Fantasy cricket games are actually mobile or PC cricket game where the player can easily select their own team, plan strategies and compete for against others on the field. Also, winners are rewarded with actual money and different gifts. Real 11 is one of the leading Fantasy cricket game in India.

    Fantasy cricket has become very popular and a source of entertainment for the entire cricket lover, strategies planners. Not only it’s the best source of entertainment and pleasure but also, it provides best-earning in the form of reward (REAL MONEY) with little investment.

    Fantasy premier league is one of the leading online cricket games where the player can not only create their own virtual team but can also play in a real-time cricket match and can earn an exciting reward in the form of real cash money on winning their respective matches. Playing fantasy cricket match is very simple and easy. Player has to just register them on the respective website. By following a simple registration process which can be done easily on fantasy cricket website players can register them on this gaming platform.  Anyone and you heard it correct, anybody from anywhere who is a cricket lover, and have some or more knowledge about cricket, cricket players, can easily play REAL11. Player just need to register themselves once on the website or app.

    Key points player should keep in mind to play Real11 game:

    Although there is no extra knowledge needed if you know about cricket, its rule, player and other strategies. But here are some useful and noteworthy points that would increase your chances of winning matches in this game and earn some real money in your pocket.

    (i) Planning a proper strategy:

    First of all, create a team. Few things you should keep in mind before finalizing your team. You should always go for a proper, full proof strategy. It is a common practice among any cricket enthusiast that they choose and make a list of their favorite players only. But while creating a whole new cricket team you should have control over your emotion for choosing a favorite player and should decide and research before selecting any player. Keep in mind the players strategically as per their current performance in cricket, their pitch’s behavior, etc.

    So by choosing all 11 players according to the above-mentioned procedure, you can ensure your winning.

    (ii) Do proper research before you began:

    One of the most important aspects you should consider before creating a perfect match winning team. Do proper along with complete research of each and every player individually, their performance, their skills, weakness, pitch behavior, and any other important information.

    By following above two important strategies you can easily increase your chance of winning the match and winning prizes and reward in the form of real money.


    Fantasy premier league is one of the leading online cricket game in Indian market wherein you can not only create a virtual team of cricket by selecting real cricket team players but can also earn real rewards inform of real money. The points you scored by participating in matches on REAL11, only are affected and determined on how your selected players are performing in real time cricket matches. In order to win the game, you have to perform your best and secure one of the highest ranking along with maximum points on the leaderboard of REAL11 by competing with other players of REAL11.

     Real 11 Application:

    Real 11 is one of the biggest cricket gaming platforms in India which not only offers fantasy cricket leagues experience to each and every cricket lover but also give a reward in the form of money on winning matches. Players can create a team of their choice, plan the strategies, choose jerseys and can even join the live cricket leagues. The winning of cricket league only and only depends on how a player of your team is performing in the cricket match on the field in real time matches. So common get ready with your real 11 App which is available on Google Play and App store. Play, enjoy and earn a reward in the form of prizes and real cash on each winning. 

    Who all are eligible to play on real 11?

    REAL11 has no restriction regarding age, gender, experience or city. The only thing required for a good player is that they should have some good, basic knowledge about cricket players and their respective real-time performance in cricket matches. Anyone from any part of India can play on Real11 application and website directly after following some of the simple & easy registration processes.

    How you can create your own team:

    Here are some of the useful steps. By following them you can easily create your wonderful team.

    Step 1: At the beginning, you have a limit of 100 credit points. These credit points are used to buy an upgrade your player and any other purchase in the game. Remember each player you select has his own price list in the game so choose them with care and with proper planning.

    Step 2: This rule is easy and can be very helpful in playing matches. Note that this is just an example. You can also select the team of your choice.

     (a) 1 Wicketkeeper

    (b) 3-6 Batsmen

    (c) 1-2 all-rounder

    (d) 3-6 Bowlers

    Step 3:  In the next step select your team captain and vice-captain very wisely and after research for your team. Verify your team by team preview option & save your unique team for any of the matches.

    Join any leagues of your choice: After you have completed making your team by choosing correct players, the next important step is to join a contest. You can join any free and even a cash contest. Only remember one thing that you must join any of the mentioned contests before their deadline.

    Win rewards and prizes: Win rewards in the form of many prizes and real cash on every winning match.

    Why choose Real 11?

    Real 11 not only have an attractive but also very user-friendly GUI which is constantly being developed by our core team for the effortless experience of the players. One can even withdrawal his/her reward, prizes and real money easily in just a minute by following some quick steps.

    So what are you waiting for? Register now and start earning rewards in the form of prizes and real money by playing a cricket simple match.

  • Benefits of Fantasy Cricket

    Many times people think that it is a waste of time but no it is not definitely a waste of time. There are many benefits which people either ignore or they do not stand b0y. People should understand that it is a good platform to showcase talent in a unique manner. Some of the benefits are:

    • Test your knowledge

    The primary benefits people tend to miss is that it provides a platform to test your knowledge about the game. It allows you to compete with peoples of same mindsets and this tells you where you think you are and where you actually stand.

    • Make Money

    Well, the easiest advantage of having such fantasy leagues is to make money online without much effort. All one needs to do is just possess a bit of good luck and good knowledge of the game.

    • Equal Opportunity

    The game has an equal number of opportunities and nobody has the upper hand in it in any means. From teenagers to youth to adults as well, all are on the same page and result fully depends upon your efforts.

    • A helpful pass time

    For students studying in colleges and people who are idle sometimes, it is very good to pass time allowing them to have a chance at prizes also.

    • Interest Development

    People are often seen getting influenced by this platform which results in getting their interests towards the game of cricket.

    • Providing Happiness

    It is seen to provide happiness from within as people tend to win they seem happy from the core of their heart as they think they earned it by their own.

    • Healthy gamble

    People are seen losing everything they have in some severe gambling but it is a very good substitute for a gamble as it possesses sharing knowledge also apart from luck and is legal as well.


    • No hacks

    One of the best benefits is that many times it is seen that as some games are released their hacked versions are available but in this game of fantasy cricket there is no such threat as it depends on the live action happening in the real world.

    • Healthy Competition

    Amongst a group of friends or family the game is a great asset for healthy competition as it produces healthy debates and discussions over the fate of the game.

    These type of games allow people to win prizes and money with their talent in knowing the game well. So the benefits of Fantasy Cricket leagues should be addressed by all the people and no matter they win or lose them should stand by it.

  • Strategies to Play Fantasy Cricket

    With new technologies come new trends. In today's world, there is no shortage of technology and this sector is fully captured by people's interest. Everyone wants to be aware of it and learn something new. This has given a vast rise in industries such as online gaming etc. Well who does not like to play games, everyone does. And what if you earn money playing online, yes you guessed it right the hottest topic in trend is Fantasy Cricket Leagues. One of the best of them is Real 11. It is a name in itself. It allows you to predict the results by choosing players that you think would perform well in the live cricket match. According to predictions points are allotted and those points give rise to ranks. The people with higher ranks tend to win cash prizes online. 
    People have different opinions on it some think of it as a gamble and some think it’s useless but wait what if you can win every time then why would not you try your luck. Some of the greatest strategies and factors one should take into playing Fantasy Cricket are: 


    • Have the knowledge of the game

    Yes, and the foremost aspect which is important is to have good knowledge of the game. Without it, your money and efforts both go in vain. Follow cricket as it happens.

    • Do your research on players and teams

    always know the players their attributes how they contribute for their team. This gives you a rough knowledge of whom to choose. The role of players like All-rounder, Batsmen, and Bowlers, etc. should be pre-known for good results.

    • Follow Statistics and Analysis of players

    for the right choice of the players follow all stats of that player, i.e. the form he is in. Is he fit to play or not. Which player has taken wickets of opposition in past who had scored runs against whom? This sort of stuff gives help in making the right call while selection.

    • Have Patience

    People often tend to make a mistake of putting in the teams either a day before or early before the game. No this should be avoided. Wait for the toss to happen and then get to know the playing 11 first otherwise if a player you selected is not in starting 11 your points for that players are straight forward to zero.

    • Choosing number players according to roles

    choosing a number of batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders are very important. Trends are seen that many people who top in such fantasy leagues select more all-rounders because they get points with both bat and ball so it can be one of the ways to increase chances to win. So players should be chosen wisely.

    • Luck

    Every other work you do in life is dependent on luck and so is this game. That’s the reason it’s called Fantasy cricket. Your luck plays a crucial role as one day you might get top rank and the other day you may be at the bottom.

    These are the main points that tend to affect the results in Fantasy cricket leagues. Apart from this one while selecting the teams should not get manipulated by others, i.e. listen to your own self and gut feeling. Taking tips from the ones who are good at it can be considered but from those who are beginners is not appreciable in any means.

  • Points to be Considered while Selecting Fantasy Cricket Team

    Fantasy cricket is becoming very popular among all of us. Although it’s a good platform of entertaining but besides this, It also gives best-earning amount with little investment.

    Fantasy premier league is an online cricket game where you can create your own virtual team and play a real-time cricket match to enjoy the aspects of cricket and earn real cash money on your each winning. To play fantasy cricket match you just have to follow a simple registration process on fantasy cricket websites. Anyone who is a cricket enthusiast and having good knowledge of cricket players can play fantasy league followed by a simple registration process.

    Your winning is depending on the performance of the players that you have selected, so it is most important to create your team carefully.

    Key points that must be considered while creating a team

    (i) Plan a strategy:

    For creating a team the first thing you should go for is to make a proper strategy. It is a common thing for any cricket enthusiast to have a list of favorite players. While creating a team you should have to control your emotions towards your favorite players and should select the players strategically as per their current performance, pitch’s behavior.

    So just choose all 11 players according to this and ensure your winning.

    (ii) Do proper research:

    This aspect is most important for creating a perfect winning team. Do proper and complete research of all the players, their performance, and any other important information about the players through a large number of cricket information websites.

    (iii) Aware with Time:

    It is very important to enhance your time while creating your team. You just need to drop a few cricketers and have to choose some others players in the place of them because you all have the same credit limit of 100 points in which you have to select your players. So it is most important to enlarge your time to maximum 15 minutes for creating a winning team.

    Get ready to play fantasy league and make money on each winning.

  • A Step by Step Guide to Play Fantasy Cricket League Online

    “Winning or losing a cricket game is not about how you select those 11 players- It is all about how those all 11 players will perform on the field. “

    Fantasy premier league is an online cricket game where you can create a virtual team by selecting real cricket team players. The points you scored totally depend on how your selected players will perform in real matches. To win the game you must achieve the highest rank and maximum points on the leaderboard.

    What is the real 11 Application?

    Real 11 is one of the biggest sports games in India that offers fantasy cricket leagues to all cricket lovers. One can create a team of his choice and join the live cricket leagues. The winning of cricket league depends on how players of your team will perform on the cricket field in real matches. So let’s get ready with real 11 App and play, enjoy and earn real cash on each winning. 

    Who can play on real 11?

    Fantasy cricket league is for those who have sound knowledge about cricket players and their performance. Anyone from India can play on Real11 by following the simple & easy registration process.

    How to play on Real 11? 

    (I) Select match: To play fantasy premier league first you will have to select a match. From the match schedule list, you can select any cricket match of your interest which is shown in that list.

    (II) Create your team: After selecting the match the second step you should go for is to create your team. In this section, you should have a sound knowledge of cricket players. To create a team there are some rules & regulation that must be followed while creating a team.

    Here are some steps, just follow them & create your own wonderful team:

    Step 1: You have a limit of 100 credit points and each player you select has his own price list. So it is up to you that how you can use your skills to select all 11 players within the budget of 100 credit points.

    Step 2: This rule shows how you can select players for your own team.

    (a) 1 Wicketkeeper

    (b) 3-5 Batsmen

    (c) 1-3 all-rounder

    (d) 3-5 Bowlers

    Step 3: Select the captain and vice-captain of your team. See team preview & save your team.

    Join leagues: When you have done with team creation process the next and important step is to join contest you can join free or cash contest. One thing you must follow is to join the contest before the deadline.

    Follow real match: Keep eye on real live matches and enjoy the match of both one of a real team and one of your own created virtual team.

    Win prize: Win real cash on each winning. To be a winner you must score maximum points and higher rank on leader board. 

    Why Real 11?

    Real 11 has an attractive and user-friendly GUI. One can easily withdrawal his/her in just a minute by following some quick steps.

    So let’s get ready for upcoming Ipl matches with Real 11 fantasy online cricket match.