Refer and Earn

* This policy is applicable from July 28, 2024.

Get 10% of the total revenue of your referral on the Real11 application

Revenue You Get (XtraCash)
₹50,000 ₹5000
₹2,50,000 ₹25,000
₹5,00,000 ₹50,000

Real11 has updated its policy concerning the refer and earn section. With the new policy coming in, you can now earn up to ₹50,000 per month on every referral. All you have to do is invite your friends, family members and others using your unique referral code and you can reap maximum benefits.

Now, you have the exciting prospect of earning a substantial 10% commission on the total revenue generated by each user you refer. This means that for every individual you successfully refer to Real11, you will receive 10% of the revenue they generate. The referral amount can be availed per match. So, if an individual’s referral plays five matches in a day, The referrer will get 10% of each of their referral’s transactional activity/revenue in all of those five matches.

Let's dive into an example to illustrate how this works:

Suppose you refer your friend Ashish to the Real11 application. Ashish becomes an active user and participates in various paid contests on the platform. Let's say Ashish generates a total revenue of ₹20,000 in a given month. As per the referral program, you are entitled to receive 10% of this revenue, which would amount to ₹2,000.

Now, let's take another scenario into account. You refer your colleague Abhishek to Real11, and he happens to be an avid fantasy sports enthusiast. Abhishek's participation in a single match leads to a total revenue of ₹10,000. You will get 10% of your referral’s revenue (₹10,000) i.e. ₹1,000 for that particular match. Abhishek enjoyed success during that match and is now considering playing another match. He invests another ₹2,000 to be a part of that match. Here, you will receive another 10% of his revenue, which is 10% of ₹2,000 = ₹200. So, your total for the day will be : ₹1,000 + ₹200 = ₹1,200

In summary, the Real11 referral program offers you a fantastic opportunity to earn a 10% commission on the total revenue generated by your referrals. One can earn up to ₹50,000 in a month via Real11’s refer and earn program.

Note: The commission or the referral amount will be handed out as XtraCash and will hence be reflected in the XtraCash wallet of an individual.

- The XtraCash rewards will be 100% usable in all contests

- The Referral amount expires every month. (Validity : 30 Days)