Terms & conditions real11


General T&Cs

By registering/subscribing or using, it's subdomain and/or using the Real11 app, its users are compelled to follow certain Terms and Conditions associated with the usage of Real11. It is obligatory for the users to operate in accordance with the T&C provided by Real11.

Real11 is neither affiliated nor linked to any type of private or government Sports leagues/tournaments until and unless stated by the corporation. Besides this, Real11 is not linked and does not claim any official footing with any of the official/non official sports team or sports person

Real11 is addressed as a single entity anywhere in the document and all sections of T&C implies and incorporates website and Real11 app on both android and iOS store.

As a user, you acknowledge and agree that by using our website and mobile application, you also agree to be bound by the “Rules, Scoring and Pay-out” of each contest

Your use of information on our site including results, fixture lists, statistics, data and news posted on our website is at your own risk. Other than as expressly set out in these Terms and to the extent permitted by law. We make no warranty as to the accuracy or reliability of the information contained on our website/ mobile application or in our publications (including, but not limited to, any content or information generated on our websites and mobile applications by or on behalf of us, and any 'Third Party Content' on our websites and mobile applications). We and our related entities, directors, officers and agents disclaim all liability and responsibility for any direct or indirect loss or damage which may be suffered by any recipient through relying on anything contained in or omitted from our websites and mobile applications or publications.

Usage of Real11. com

A person using the services offered by or the Real11 app including the extensive features offered, by taking part in several contests, and games organized on the Real11 platform are compelled to follow the T&C and all the other essential rules and regulations defined by the Real11 authorities.

The Real11 establishment has all the rights to alter/modify the predefined Terms and Conditions, rules, regulations and terms at any point in time, by posting the same on Real11 accounts for the acceptance and agreement of the people using Real11 services towards time to time revisions that can be made in the Terms and Conditions, rules, regulations and terms that are already established by Real11. In case the user disapproves/disagrees to accept the alterations in terms and conditions, rules, regulations and terms of use then Real11 at its sole and complete discretion can abstain the user from using the services offered by Real11.

Real11 may, at its sole and absolute discretion

  • Refrain, terminate any user's access.
  • Deactivate, or even delete a user's account.
  • Move, reject or detach any material submitted by a user.
  • Shift or remove any content that is available on the platform.
  • Amend or make adjustments to the roster of players eligible for selection in a contest on account of alterations to the roster of players engaged in the relevant sports event.
  • Allocate it's rights and liabilities to all user accounts here under any entity.


A person who is 18 or above years of age is permitted to use our services, however, if the person violates the age policy then he/she is solely responsible to bear the legal repercussions

Users need to understand that our services are available only in India.

We don't offer our services linked to fantasy sports in the States of Assam, Sikkim, Odisha, Nagaland, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in India

The users temporarily positioned in, or visiting authorities where local laws forbid them from operating a website/app shall not use the website/app during their stay.

Member Registration

If you wish to become a registered user of our websites and mobile applications, you will need to apply for a member account. The members are permitted to open only one account. Real11 reserves the right to close any duplicate accounts. All money held in duplicate account(s) will be forfeited. To apply for an account, you must complete all the details following the instructions on the Website.

Upon grant of the account by us, your account will be created and you will be able to use our websites and mobile applications and play the contest(s) with us. We may refuse to grant an application for an account made by any person without giving a reason for such refusal. You continuously represent and warrant to us that people, who are accessing your account are authorised to do so. You are not authorised to enter contests on our websites and mobile applications or otherwise until you have been granted an Account.

Real11 platform, money has been charged to your card or bank account and the respective amount is not added in your Real11 account within 24 hours of the completion of the transaction, then you shall inform us by sending an email to from your registered email address. Please include in the email the following details – the mobile number, transaction value, transaction date and transaction id. Real11 will investigate the incident and, if it is found that money was indeed charged from your card or bank account without delivery of the balance in your Real11 account, then you will be refunded the money within 7 working days from the date of receipt of your email, and all refunds will be credited to your Real11 account. Real11 shall not be liable to refund any amount which is not debited from the user's bank account or other deposit methods and it is wrongly reflected in the user's Real11 wallet. In that case, if a user does not inform Real11 by email that he got extra money in his/her account then we are not liable to pay that amount. The cash bonus balance cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances.

Privacy Policy

All kinds of user information gathered by Real11 in the context of personal details and payment information at the moment of registration is subject to the Privacy Policy of Real11 which can be evaluated by the users at Privacy Policy.

Deposits, Withdrawals, and Member Account Funds

All deposits (min. deposit amount is Rs 10) made to are immediately available in the member’s Real11 account and can be accessed for entering contests. All deposits and refunds, if any, will be done through NEFT, then transactions may take up to 7 days to be completed.

Real11 will process all withdrawal requests (min. withdrawal amount is Rs 200) immediately, with funds arriving in your nominated bank account the next working day. This may on occasion take up to 7 working days. To request a withdrawal, you must first complete Real11 identity verification, credit card verification/bank account verification processes, which also includes submission of PAN card details. The name mentioned on the member’s verification documents should correspond with the name provided by the member at the time of registration on, as well as the name and address existing in the records of the member’s bank account as provided to Real11. If no bank account has been registered by the member against such member’s account with Real11 or the member has not verified his/her member account with Real11, to Real11’s satisfaction and following these Terms and Conditions, Real11 shall provide such member with a notification to the member’s email address as on record with Real11.

There are four parts of the Real11 account: Total Balance, Deposited, Bonus & Withdrawable (winnings). When a member enters a contest, the entry fee is deducted from Bonus, Deposited and withdrawable balance, in that order depending on how much funds are available in each bucket. The members can withdraw from the withdrawable part of the account which only includes winnings that a member has made on Members agree that once they confirm a transaction on, they shall be bound by and make payment for that transaction. The member acknowledges that transactions on may take up to 24 hours to be processed. Any amount paid or transferred into the Member’s account may take up to 24 hours to reflect in the Member’s account balance. Similarly, money debited from the member's account may take up to 24 hours to reflect in the member's account. Members agree not to raise any complaint or claim against Real11 in respect of any delay, including any lost opportunity to join any Contest or round due to delay in crediting the transaction amount into any of the Member’s accounts.

A transaction, once confirmed, is final and no cancellation is permissible. However, Real11 may, at its sole and absolute discretion, permit a Member to cancel a transaction and refund the amount paid - if the member sends a written request to Real11 from the registered email ID to cancel such payment or if the payment is made for participation in the paid version(s) of the Contest(s), the cancellation request must be received at least 2 days before the commencement of the round in respect of which the payment is made; Real11 shall not be liable to refund any amount thereafter. Real11 may, at its sole and absolute discretion, refund the amount to the member after deducting applicable cancellation charges and taxes. At the time of the transaction, members may also be required to take note of certain additional terms and conditions, also such additional terms and conditions shall govern the transaction. To the extent that the additional terms and conditions tax deductions. The Winners shall be responsible for payment of any other applicable tax, including but not limited to, income tax, gift tax, etc. in respect of the prize money.

Note: The actual prize money may be different from the prize money mentioned above if there is a tie for any of the winning positions. As per government regulations and guidelines, a tax of 31.2% will be deducted if an individual wins more than Rs 10,000.

Paytm Withdrawal

You can also make payments through paytm. Make sure you provide us with your registered Paytm number along with complete KYC to carry hassle-free transactions through this platform (Non -registered paytm numbers will not be accepted for transactional activities). Non-Kyc Paytm users would receive their payment within a maximum time span of 5 to 7 days.

Restrictions on using app/website

In accessing or using Our websites and mobile applications you agree that you will not use any automated device, software, process or means to access, retrieve, scrape, or index Our websites and mobile applications or any content on Our websites and mobile applications without Our express prior written consent; use any device, software, process or means to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of Our websites and mobile applications; undertake any action that will impose a burden or make excessive traffic demands on Our infrastructure that we deem, in Our sole discretion to be unreasonable or disproportionate site usage; use or index any content or data on Our websites and mobile applications for purposes of competing with Us in any manner that we have not specifically authorised; transmit spam, chain letters, contests, junk email, surveys, or other mass messaging, whether commercial in nature or not; use Our websites and mobile applications or any content from Our websites and mobile applications in any manner which is, in Our sole discretion, not reasonable and / or not for the purpose it is made available; violate the rights of any person, including copyright, trade secret, privacy right, or any other intellectual property or proprietary right; pose as any person or entity or attempt to solicit money, passwords or personal information from any person; act in violation of any Term or condition of use of our websites and mobile applications reproduce, republish, retransmit, modify, adapt, distribute, translate, create derivative works or adaptations of, publicly display, sell, trade, or in any way exploit our websites and mobile applications or any content on our websites and mobile applications, except as expressly authorised by us; or transmit or attempt to transmit any computer viruses, a contest entry amount (contest/prize amount) for which they would like to enter their team. Each team entered for a particular game with a particular contest entry amount (contest/prize amount) competes against the other teams submitted for that particular game with that particular entry amount. Once points have been determined, the money in the pool for that particular contest (after deduction of a Real11 fee) is distributed to the winning contest entrants as per the prize structure detailed in the rules and scoring section of that particular contest. Multi-person leagues will proceed if entries reach a certain percentage of the contest size, which will be declared for every contest. The total prize pool will adjust as per the number of actual entries in the contest. Once the contest starts, the revised prize allocation is available within the contest live view.

Rules and Scoring

The Contest(s) in addition to the Terms and Conditions, rules and regulations mentioned herein, be governed by (1) “Rules" available on the website (2) Other rules and regulations including rules and regulation in relation to any payments made to participate in the Contest(s), and all Participants agree to abide by the same.

Live & Final Scores

Live scoring for all Real11 contests entered are available in the "Live" section of Player scores are updated immediately with a final score update approximately 2 hours after the completion of a contest. Real11 uses third-party vendors for match schedule, in-play data and player/team profile. Any changes to the official player statistics or perceived errors after the point scores are made final, will not be taken into account and claims that a contest participant’s entry has been affected will not be considered.

Resizing Contests

Real11 reserves the right to resize contests. For guaranteed contests, they will only be re-sized to allow for a larger prize pool with more participants. For non-guaranteed contests, they will only be re-sized to allow the contest to go ahead with 50% of the required entries in the contest. provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, as amended from time to time. The arbitration award will be final and binding on the Parties, and each Party will bear its costs of arbitration and equally share the fees of the arbitrator unless the arbitral tribunal decides otherwise. The arbitrator shall be entitled to pass interim orders and awards, including the orders for specific performance and such orders would be enforceable in competent courts. The arbitrator shall give a reasoned award. Nothing contained in these Terms and Conditions shall prevent Real11 from seeking and obtaining interim or permanent equitable or injunctive relief, or any other relief available to safeguard Real11’s interest before, during or following the filing of arbitration proceedings or pending the execution of a decision or award in connection with any arbitration proceedings from any court having jurisdiction to grant the same. The pursuit of equitable or injunctive relief shall not constitute a waiver on the part of Real11 to pursue any remedy for monetary damages through the arbitration described herein.

Abandoned, Postponed & Cancelled Fixtures

Where any of the fixtures within a contest are cancelled, postponed or abandoned without an official result all contest entries are considered void and the entry amounts are returned to the members. There are no prize/winnings pay-outs for these voided contests.

Prize Allocation & Payouts

Real11 uses third-party vendors for the match data and statistics. Any changes to these statistics or perceived errors after the point scores are made final, will not be taken into account and claims made when a contest participant’s entry is affected will not be considered. Prizes are allocated as per the prize conditions set out in each contest. You can check the pay-out breakup in each contest page. Multi-person leagues will proceed if entries reach a certain percentage of the contest size, declared beforehand. The total prize pool will adjust as per the number of actual entries in the contest. Once the contest starts, the revised prize allocation is available within the contest live view. One exception to this is large tournaments. Prize pools and contests are usually guaranteed for large tournaments regardless of how many members enter. Live scoring for all Real11 contests entered are available in the “Live” section of Player scores are updated immediately with a final score update approximately 2 hours after the completion of a contest. In the case of two teams within a contest having a tied score, final pay-outs are calculated upon contest settlement.


The declared winners of the contest organised by Real11 are offered winnings in compliance with the tax deductions under the Income Tax Act 1961. In the event of the winning amount exceeding the Rs 10,000 mark, a 30% taxation charge will be imposed on the winning amount. In such cases, the users are even provided with the TDS certificate. The adjourned winners agree to pay other applicable taxes. The winnings, cash bonuses are subjected to various taxes.

In accordance with section 269SU of the Income Tax Act, we insist on making payments by NEFT/RTGS/IMPS or any other E Modes.


The User’s/Participant’s use of the Real11 site and software is also subject to laws of the State in which the User resides and from which he/she accesses the Real11 site, as well as the laws enacted by the Republic of India. Residents physically located outside India and in the States of Assam, Karnataka, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland, Telangana or Andhra Pradesh (“Excluded States”) are ineligible to open a User Account on the Real11 site. If it is found that a Participant playing the paid formats of the Contest(s) is a resident of any of the above-mentioned states, Real11 shall disqualify such Participant and forfeit any prize won by such Participant. Further Real11 may, at its sole and absolute discretion, suspend or terminate such Participant’s account with Any amount remaining unused in the member’s game account or winnings account on the date of deactivation or deletion shall be reimbursed to the member by an online transfer to the member’s bank account on record with Real11, subject to the processing fee (if any) applicable on such transfers as set out herein. If it is found that a Participant playing the paid formats of the Contest(s) is under the age of eighteen (18), Real11 shall be entitled, at its sole and absolute discretion, to disqualify such Participant and forfeit his/her prize. Further, Real11 may, at its sole and absolute discretion, suspend or terminate such Participant’s account. To the extent permitted by law, Real11 makes no representations or warranties as to the quality, suitability or merchantability of any prizes and shall not be liable in respect of the same. Participants who play only with cash bonus can withdraw to a certain extent (i.e., INR 200) only once if they want to withdraw further, they have to deposit at least 30% of their winning amount. Real11 may, at its sole and absolute discretion, vary or modify the prizes being offered to winners. Participants shall not raise any claim against Real11 or question its right to modify such prizes being offered, before the closure of the Contest. Real11 will not bear any responsibility for the transportation or packaging of prizes to the respective winners. Real11 shall not be held liable for any loss or damage caused to any prizes at the time of such transportation. The Winners shall bear the shipping, courier or any other delivery cost in respect of the prizes. The Winners shall bear all transaction charges levied for delivery of cash prizes. All prizes are non-transferable and non-refundable. Prizes cannot be exchanged/redeemed for cash or kind. No cash claims can be made instead of prizes in kind.

Laws and Jurisdictions

These terms and the agreement of which they form part, are governed by the laws of the Republic of India. The courts of competent jurisdiction at Ghaziabad shall have exclusive jurisdiction. The place of arbitration shall be Ghaziabad, India.

Limitations of Liability

You agree that, to the maximum extent permitted by law, We are not liable to You or anyone else for any loss or damage (including, without limitation, any direct, indirect, special or consequential loss) arising as a result of a breach of these Terms, in tort (including negligence) or otherwise arising out of, or in connection, with the use of Our websites and mobile applications; any Content You upload or otherwise provide; the use by Us of information provided by You to Us through Our websites and mobile applications; being unable to access Our websites and mobile applications for whatever reason and however arising, including (without limitation) negligence; the failure of Our websites and mobile applications for whatever reason and however arising including (without limitation) negligence; the use of Your password by You or any third party to whom You have made the password available. We expressly limit, and You agree, Our liability for breach of a condition or warranty implied or a consumer guarantee imposed by any legislation to the supply of the services again or the payment of the cost of having the services supplied again (the choice of which is to be at Our sole discretion). You indemnify Us against any action, liability, claim, loss, damage, proceeding, expense (including legal costs) suffered or incurred by Us, arising from, or which is directly or indirectly, related to:

  • your breach or non-observance of any of these Terms;
  • any Content You upload or otherwise provide;
  • any breach or inaccuracy in any representations or warranties made to Us;
  • and/or any breach, or alleged breach, of intellectual or other proprietary rights or interests of third parties.

User Conduct

The Terms & Conditions, rules, regulations and terms of use determined by Real11 for its users are compulsory to be followed by the users and in the case a user fails to do so, Real11 holds the authority to take action, which might include (but not limited to)

  • Terminating, suspending or restricting user's access to all or any part of Real11.
  • Deactivating or deleting the user's account.
  • Abstaining from proving any winning(s) to such users.

By accepting the T&C, the user agrees to provide true, accurate and complete information while registration and at other instances when demanded by Real11

A single user is allowed to operate or register only one user account with Real11 (for both website and the app)

Any sort of password issued by Real11 to any user is highly confidential and should not be shared with anyone else.

The user is entirely responsible for the security and confidentiality of his/her payment accounts linked to his/her Real11 account.

Users ensure to exit/log out of their accounts after the conclusion of each session. In the event of any kind of loss or damage faced by the user due to the non-fulfillment of abiding by these T&C, rules, regulations and terms of use, Real11 shall not be held responsible.

The T&C of Real11 prohibits the users to modify or become a cause of modification of any files associated with Real11.

The users agree not to use the Real11 platform for any sort of illegal activities

Offers T&Cs

The Real11 platform, every so often, for the interest and delight of its users, declares various “OFFERS” on its platform with a limited validity period. The users availing these offers put forward by Real11 are required to abide by certain Terms & Conditions of the Offers. The Terms & Conditions for Offers organized by Real11 comprises of:

The Offers provided on this platform can only be utilized by the registered users of Real11. Someone who is not registered with Real11 shall not be permitted to take advantage of the Real11 Offers.

Offers stated by Real11 are only open and applicable for the people of India as of now. The people residing outside India are not eligible for availing these Offers.

The users should abide by the fair Play Terms of Real11 while availing the Offers namely the users should not use any fake accounts in order to obtain the perks of the Offers provided by Real11.

The Offers provided on Real11 are all one-time offers and can only be availed once by a single user.

In an event of multiple Offers in a single offer- a single user can avail all of the multiple offers provided in a single offer for once. For Instance, in a single cash bonus offer, there are multiple cash bonuses on adding different amounts, then the user is authorized to add all of the defined amounts and avail respective cash bonuses for once.

The Offers provided on Real11 come with a limited validity period which can only be determined by Real11 at its sole discretion.

The Offer should only be availed within the valid time frame so as to avail the benefits. In case a user, due to personal negligence or accidently tries to avail the offer after it has expired then the user will not be qualified for any Offer benefits.

During any on-going offer period, Instant Withdrawal services can be put on hold due to overburden of withdrawal requests.

Real11 shall only be responsible for offers made available on Real11 and shall not be held liable for any offers made available by any third-party sources which may or may not be associated with Real11.

Sign-up ₹75 Cash

Upon successful registration on the platform, users will get cash rewards worth ₹75 (₹50 cash + ₹25 XtraCash). Here's how the entire cash will be divided -

  1. You'll be awarded with ₹50 cash as soon as you register at Real11.
  2. You'll be rewarded with ₹10 Xtracash upon verifying your pan card.
  3. You'll also be rewarded with ₹10 Xtracash after verifying your bank account.
  4. Not only that, you'll also be given ₹5 Xtracash on your first deposit.
Thus, play your first contest i.e. Beginners Wow using the earned cash bonus for free/free of cost and be a part of Real11 family.

First Deposit Cash Bonus

Upon making your first deposit on the Real11 platform, users will win a 100% (of the deposit amount; max bonus amount : Rs 2000) cash bonus. This reward can be used to take part in bonus eligible contests.

100% Cashback In Case You Don't Win

This is only eligible for new users. 100% cashback on first deposit (Max. amount ₹2000 in bonus).
For instance: a user receives Rs 50 as signup bonus on registration. He/she can use that reward and play their first contest FREE! at 100% bonus. Now, they can either deposit ₹100 or above before or after playing their first contest and obtain 100% cash back in terms of cash bonus.


In conformity with the Terms and Conditions, and subject to the validity period of the Xtra Cash, a User can apply and utilize XtraCash in the form of a discount to the Entry Fee (up to 100% of the Entry Fee) for specific Contest(s) as identified and designated by Real11 for use.

The User shall be entitled to only use such Xtra Cash amounts that are present/remaining at the credit of the User in his Xtra Cash section at the time of the user joining the relevant Contest. The daily Xtracash usage limit is Rs 500.

Note: Users can avail Xtra Cash only in contests where the team size is more than 25.

Free Giveaway

Within Free Giveaway users can take part in the assigned prize pool contest for free. Users can participate in this contest without paying any entry fee. We hold the authority to increase or decrease the number of teams (entries) in the free giveaway.

Weekly Leaderboard

Weekly leaderboard classifies players based on the points gained by them in a span of 7 days (week) Weekly leaderboard prize money is subjected to change in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of the Real11 platform (In an event where two players acquire the same rank). The prizes presented in the Weekly Leaderboard are distributed at the end of every week.
We hold the authority over the duration of the weekly leaderboard. It may or may not be for a period of 7 days.
We can combine and include an entire series (test + ODI + T20I) within the Weekly Leaderboard.

Series Leaderboard

Series leaderboard classified players based on the points gained by them throughout a series/tournament The actual prize may be different than the ones depicted in the picture (of the series leaderboard) Prizes are distributed at the end of the tournament/series.

Rush Hour Deal

Rush Hour Deals are only valid for a particular time period Within the valid time frame, if a user follows the necessary conditions then they can get access to specific rewards.

Gadget League

Gadget League provides users with the opportunity to win exclusive electronic gadgets. Real11 holds the authority to alter the gadget in accordance with the terms of conditions of the platform (in terms of availability/in stock) The actual present (gadget) might be different than that depicted on/in display and is exclusive of the delivery charges. Also, Real11 should not be held accountable for any issues regarding the delivery time. We assure you of the delivery, but cannot provide any commitment from our side regarding the delivery time of the product. The delivery might or might not face delay, depending on the circumstances at that point of time.

Champion Edition

Winner of the Champion Edition Contest will get the chance to meet our brand ambassador, Gautam Gambir.

Beat the Champion/ Play with Champion

Play against Gautam Gambir, beat his playing XI and win 2x/3x/4x (based on contest size, nature and match type) cash.


Equal Opportunity

All users while creating a fantasy team for any match are given a similar budget of 100 credits. All users have the same access to the database of players and are limited by similar standards while picking the structure of their respective teams.

Fixed Player Credits

The credits needed to pick a player are bolted for every specific challenge and match. The price for every player doesn't change based on their performance or their real life team during the specific contest or match.


Real11 starts the deadline at the authority match start time for every featured sport. The teams can't be edited/altered post the deadline of the individual match. This deadline is set up to ensure a continued level playing field for every one of our users.

Winner Declaration

We love to see you win! To guarantee you can play on Real11 and compete alongside different users with full certainty, we have taken the accompanying measures:

  • The scoring framework utilized for ascertaining focuses is unmistakably delineated and shown on our platforms.
  • The relevant payouts for winners of each contest are plainly mentioned.
  • Any winnings/payouts are instantly prepared and credited to the user's account.
  • Scores for each match are sourced from precise scoring feeds provided by authentic third party service providers.

Authentic, Verified Users

We endeavor to guarantee that we just have certified users playing on Real11. To work with this, we have set up severe arrangements and conventions to check any infringement of Real FairPlay. Prior to pulling out their rewards, the Users are needed to check their records and outfit their legitimate government approved ID Proof - PAN Card and financial balance subtleties. These subtleties and reports are gathered and confirmed with the particular specialists.

Safe and Secure Payments

We work with trusted outsider installment entryways with 3-D secure confirmation to guarantee wellbeing and security of every monetary exchange. We don't store your acknowledge/check card subtleties with us.

Employees Restrictions

Our workers are stringently denied from partaking in any paid challenges on Real11. No inside positions!


Real11 is an expertise based stage and is offered as per Indian laws. There are no alternate routes or cheat codes for fast and simple successes. Visit the Legality page on Real11 to know more.


We comprehend that being open to our users assembles trust and gives security. Thus, we've made it simpler for them to Contact Us so their inquiries are tended to on an opportune premise.


Ensure user privacy

Our clients trust us with their own reports like PAN Cards and Bank subtleties. We esteem and maintain that trust in high regard. The data imparted to us is just utilized for the client check purposes and is never unveiled to any external gatherings.

Responsible play

We don't allow users under 18 years of age in the compensation to-play challenges on Real11.

No cash transactions

We don't permit or promote cash transactions on Real11.


Real11 considers Fair Play to be a top priority at its platform and any user found violating the Fair Play Terms of Real11 shall face various repercussions, incorporating Blocking of User’s Real11 Account.

Fair Play Violation at Real11 includes:

Take special care while making referrals. You referred user should be having/using genuine/authentic accounts and the user should not operate/utilise any fake accounts to gain the “Refer & Earn” cash bonus reward.

The PAN card of all your referrals should be verified. If the PAN card of more than 9 of your referred friends are not verified then the user will be considered a defaulter, violating the Fair Play Terms of Real11.

A user creating more than one account on the Real11 platform will be considered as violating the Fair Play Terms of Real11 as Real11 neither permits or encourages any user to create more than one user account on Real11.

Withdrawing your winnings/ payouts via any unlawful or illegal means is considered a Fair Play violation at Real11.

If a user is found guilty of forgery or is submitting fake copies or someone else’s documents while registering with Real11, the act will be considered as violating the Fair Play Terms of Real11.

In the scenario of a user being found to be creating and using various accounts on a single device amidst regular platform audits, then, the case shall be considered to violate the Fair Play Terms of Real11 and demand strict actions. As a part of the action, the withdrawal request of the user shall be put on hold.

Consequences of Violating Fair Play Terms of Real11

As part of the consequences for violating the terms of Fair Play Policy at Real11, the account of the user found guilty of violation of the Fair Play terms will be blocked.

Furthermore, the total amount present in the Real11 user account of the user violating the Fair Play terms of Real11 will be reduced to nil.

If a user uses a single device for creating multiple accounts on Real11, it should be vetted by the user that all the mandatory verification formalities, including mobile, email, PAN card & Bank Account details verification have been done by him/her for all the accounts created.

Full Innings
  • A user is eligible to join a full inning contest until the commencement of the match (deadline).
  • The deadline for/of a contest can be extended as per the circumstances of a match.
  • The bonus timer within a particular contest depicts the time limit according to which that assured bonus exponentially descends. The more quickly you partake within that contest, the more is the bonus value.
  • Deals and discounts within a contest can vary from user to user.
  • All the users playing in these contests should comply with all the applicable terms and conditions.
  • Within a paid contest, a user will not be deemed qualified to join if he/she does not pay the relevant entry fee.
  • A user needs to submit the required documents in order to withdraw his/her payout.
  • A shareable eligible contest will have a tiny icon on the top right..
  • A user can only create/edit his/her team until the start of a contest.
  • A user can join a contest with more than one team depending upon the no. of entries permitted for each user.
2nd Inning T&Cs
  • The contests and prize pool for the second innings may or may not vary from full inning contests (regular).
  • A user needs to join these contests before the commencement of the second innings of the actual match.
  • Contests within second innings are eligible for every user regardless of their participation in full innings or any other variant.
  • Points for the second inning contests have no relation with a user’s points (performance) in the first half of the match.
  • In the event of cancellation/abandonment of any contest within the second inning, the entry fee for that particular contest would be refunded as per our fair play policy.
Spot Fantasy T&Cs
  • Spot Fantasy contests are eligible for both the innings of a match.
  • Users can join any contest inside spot fantasy only if they participate one over before a set starts.
  • Real11 holds the authority over the cancellation/abandonment of any contest. In such an event, entry fee for that particular contest is refunded as per our fairplay policy.
  • You cannot join a contest unless you create a set for the over you want to compete in.
  • Points for Spot Fantasy are calculated based on your predictions made for each ball. For more information, check our points system.
  • Spot Fantasy contests may or may not have the same price pool as other contest variants.
  • Winning is instantly distributed after the end of the contest for the over you competed in.
Live Fantasy T&Cs
  • Contests for live fantasy cannot be joined unless you create the block of 5 overs you wish to compete in
  • It is applicable throughout the course of entire match
  • A user cannot have more than five players in their team
  • The Fantasy Points System of Live Fantasy System is the same as that of full innings or second innings contest
  • Just like any other contest, a Live Fantasy team also constitutes of captain(2x) and vice captain(1.5x)
  • Live Fantasy Contests are applicable for both T20s and One dayers.
Fantasy Football
  • Users need to participate in contests unless the commencement of the match (before the deadline ends).
  • Users have to create their fantasy teams comprising 11 players with a maximum of 7 players from either team.
  • Users have the liberty to create more than one team in a contest,depending upon the no. of entries allowed per user.
  • Users cannot edit/create their teams, once the contest has begun.
  • Deals and discounts within a contest can vary from user to user.
  • All the users playing in these contests should comply with all the applicable terms and conditions.
  • Within a paid contest, a user will not be deemed qualified to join if he/she does not pay the relevant entry fee.
  • A user needs to submit the required documents in order to withdraw his/her payout.
  • Real11 holds the authority to extend the deadline for any contest.
  • Real11 can increase the number of entries (teams) within a contest.
Refer & Earn T&Cs

The user can earn ₹75 cash by referring their friends/family on Real11 App. Once your friend registers on Real11 App using your Invite Code, you get the bonus amount by following the below terms & conditions:

How to Earn ₹75 referral cash (₹50 cash bonus + ₹25 XtraCash)?

(i) Email Verification:

Task: When your referral verifies their Email id on Real11.

Cash Earned: You’ll get ₹10 cash bonus in your Real11 wallet.

(ii) PAN Card Verification:

Task: When your referral verifies their PAN Card on Real11.

Cash Earned: You’ll get ₹20 cash bonus, plus ₹10 Xtracash in your Real11 wallet.

(iii) Bank Account Verification:

Task: When your referral verifies their bank account on Real11.

Cash Earned: You’ll get ₹20 cash bonus, plus ₹10 Xtracash in your Real11 wallet.

(iv) First Deposit:

Task: When your referral deposits for the first time in Real11 wallet

XtraCash Earned: You’ll get ₹5 XtraCash in your Real11 wallet (Xtracash section).

Shareable Contest T&Cs

Within a shareable eligible contest, a user can avail for free entry by inviting ten of their friends to join the paid contest. Once the final invitee has entered the contest, you (as a user) can enjoy free entry The free entry reward can only be availed in shareable eligible contests.

Social Media Quiz T&Cs

Besides organizing an array of contests on the platform, Real11 also hosts various social media quizzes. Users can take part in these quiz contests on social media and bag exceptional prizes.

To achieve so, users need to follow the essential preconditions mentioned.

Points to Remember

1) Entry fee will be refunded in the case of match cancellation or any other mishap.

2) Any information shared by our user is treated with caution. We understand the value of privacy and thus the details shared is safe, secure and highly confidential.

3) We decide the fate for any match that goes under review. It can either get cancelled or run late.

4) The offer presented on the app/website is subject to change.

5) The extension of deposit offer and its expiry depends upon us.

6) Points at times can go under review or can be reflected late on our app/website.

7) We hold the authority to extend the deadline of any particular match.

8) Users shall research the deadline of a match before joining any contest (for that match).

9) Users can sign up to our platform without any sign up code. A sign-up code is not mandatory for new users.

10) If by any chance a user’s money (entry fee) gets deducted and he/she is not able to join their preferred contest then the entry fee is refunded within 24 hours.

Instant Withdrawal
  • A minimum of Rs 200 can be withdrawn per day.
  • A maximum of Rs 50,000 can be withdrawn per day.
  • A sum of Rs 10 will be deducted from your winnings, every time you opt for Instant Withdrawal via your bank account.
  • 1% will be deducted from your winnings every time you opt for Instant withdrawal through your paytm wallet
  • The Pan Card and Bank Account of the user opting for Instant Withdrawal should be verified with Real11.
  • The name mentioned on the user's pan card verified with Real11 should be the same as the profile name of the user
  • The applicant's requesting Instant Withdrawal should not have any previous violation policy history on Real11
  • Real11 can holds the authority to stop or deactivate the Instant Withdrawal service without any prior information to the user
  • In the event of a disagreement/dispute or distress between Real11 and it's payment partner, Real11 has the authority to put the withdrawal requests and amounts on hold until settlement

Private Contest

Create your own contest, share via invite and play alongside your friends and family.

This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly at your own risk.
This game is applicable for people 18+ only.