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Real11 is the world’s #1 online fantasy sports game which offers fantasy cricket to an exponentially growing user base and allows the users to win real money with the help of their sports knowledge.

That’s easy! Open our app and click on Sign up now. In sign up page, you can enter the Invite code (if you’ve), enter your phone number, email ID, password and click on Register.

Congratulations, you’ve become a part of Real11 family. After you’re through with the registration, you can follow the ‘simple starter guide’, which will take you through the simple steps of creating your Fantasy Cricket Team for any league and then, join Contests to win Cash. You can also go through the ‘how to play’ page of Real11.

Please check whether you've entered your registered email address or mobile number correctly and then, try logging in again. If you want to login with your registered email address and have forgotten your password, then click on 'Forgot Password', enter your registered email ID and we’ll send you a link to reset your password on it within a few minutes! If you’re trying to login with your registered phone number then you will get a 6-digit OTP, which you’ve to fill in and proceed.

If you've forgotten your registered email id or phone number, reach out to us at 'Contact us'. We are always happy to assist our valuable users.

When you are logged in, head to ‘My Profile’, select ‘Change Password’, type your old and new password & click on ‘Save Changes’.

You can create only one account with one Email ID on Real11. The creation of multiple accounts by a single user is strictly prohibited and it also violates our Fair Play policy.

  • On the Real11 app, head to ‘My Profile’, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap on the ‘Full Profile’ button which is next to the Personal Details section.
  • You can also edit your date of birth, address and state if your Real11 account is ‘Unverified’. Remember, the team name and the registered Email ID cannot be changed, once chosen.

That’s strange! If you are sure that you are a registered user on Real11 and entering the correct details but still unable to login, please drop us an email at 'Contact us'. Our Customer Care team will be more than happy to assist you.

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(b) You may have entered a different Email ID than the one used by you during registration. For any assistance, please drop us an email at Contact us.

Any person can play fantasy cricket. If you're not aware of rules of fantasy cricket, then just check these pages - how to play and fantasy points system. For taking part in fantasy cricket leagues, you just need to know about the rules, and then you can start your fantasy cricket journey with practice contests and later on, you can start with paid contests & win real money.

The platform of fantasy cricket accepts everyone and allows every individual to earn real cash through their skillset. So, even if you're not much aware of cricket, then also we welcome you and help you learn to climb the ladder of fantasy cricket on our platform.

Spot Fantasy

Points are allocated according to the predictions made for every ball. A correct guess would result in a point whereas an incorrect estimation would induce a negative point. For more info regarding the points, refer to the points system section.

A wrong estimation would result in a negative point

The winners for the spot fantasy are determined according to the points obtained. The more the points, the more are the chances of your victory.

Spot Fantasy is only applicable for all legal deliveries during a match. No extra ball in an over would be taken into account while calculating your points.

Yes, and that's the beauty of it. Not only does it allow you to make predictions for every ball, but it also gives you the opportunity to join contests and win exciting cash rewards.

Live Fantasy

You can join at any time during a match. Just select the block of 5 overs you want to play in.

The winning amount is auto distributed after each 5 over spell (block).

If 40% balls are not bowled within a block, contests are abandoned.

Live Fantasy follows the same FPS as the full/second inning contests.

There are two ranks to be assigned, 1x and 2x.The 2x multiplier should be allotted to the player you are most confident about, whereas 1x should be assigned to the player you’re least confident about.

Second Innings

The Second Innings Contest is just like your regular contest. You’ll have to create a fantasy team of 11 players, assign a captain/vice captain, join contests as per your convenience but for the Second innings of a cricket match.

You can create your team until 10 minutes after the end of the first innings.

No points from the first innings will be taken into consideration while determining your rank within a second innings contest.


On the homescreen of our app, you will find two tabs right at the top. Tap on the football section to switch to fantasy football. There you’ll find upcoming football Matches. Select the match of your choice and then partake in contests as per your convenience.

All major global leagues (spanish, english, german, french) are available on the platform.

When a match or contest is called off or abandoned for any reason, the entry fee of/for that particular contest is refunded as per our fairplay policy.


Fantasy Kabaddi is an online skill based variant of team contact sport, Kabaddi. Just like fantasy cricket and football this game also demands you to create a Fantasy team comprising 7 players & subsequently assigning captain and vice captain. While the captain fetches you 2x points, the vice captain gives 1.5 x points.

Real11 serves you with the finest experience in the field of online kabaddi. Known for its contributions in the realm of fantasy cricket, football and ludo, Real11 is now bringing India’s very own Kabaddi for your enjoyment. From various kabaddi leagues to daily rewards, the fastest growing fantasy platform has it all to make you go wow!

Winning a fantasy kabaddi game requires skill, patience, and perseverance. India’s Trusted Fantasy Sports app, Real11 offers a transparent process of offering virtual games and then deciding the winners solely based on their performances. A player gains some points based on his selection of players and their respective performance in the real matches.

The total duration of a Kabaddi game is 40 minutes that is split into two equal 20-minute halves.

You can bag loads of money while playing fantasy kabaddi. All you have to do is:

  • Download the Real11 app.
  • Sign up with us filling out the essential details.
  • Select Kabaddi available on the top of the home screen of the platform .
  • Choose a contest of your choice
  • Create your team of 7 players
  • Track the performance of your team
  • After winning a contest, withdraw your winnings from your Real11 wallet. So, Play More to Make More Money!


    The following actions are categorised as a foul:

  • Pocketing the Striker
  • If a player pockets an opponent's piece
  • If a piece leaves the board
  • If a player's final piece is pocketed before the Queen has been covered
  • The player incorrectly positions the striker before taking a shot
  • A Players arm crosses the diagonal foul line on the board
  • If a player fails to break correctly on their three attempts

To pocket and cover the Queen, a player must first pocket their own colour Coin. Then on their subsequent go, pocket the Queen. If a Queen is pocketed on a player's first turn, the Queen gets returned to the centre of the board. After a player has pocketed and correctly covered the Queen, the board will be won by the player who sinks all their own Coins.

Yes! You can enter matches for real money, and once you’ve reached the minimum threshold, you will be able to withdraw your cash winnings.


There is no single person credited with inventing solitaire, however, their origins date back to Europe in the mid 1700s. Since then, the game has evolved into the popular variations you play today.

You can win the game by completely clearing the game’s tableau.

Yes! You can enter matches for real money, and once you’ve reached the minimum threshold, you will be able to withdraw your cash winnings.

Bubble Shooter

The goal of the game is to clear the playing field by forming groups of three or more bubbles/marbles of the same colour.

The more bubbles you burst in a span of 2 minutes, the more points you will be scoring. The more points you gain, the more are your chances of winning the game.

Yes! You can enter matches for real money, and once you’ve reached the minimum threshold, you will be able to withdraw your cash winnings.

This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly at your own risk.
This game is applicable for people 18+ only.