How to play fantasy cricket game on Real11 App & win real cash


Fantasy cricket is a game of skill where you can create your fantasy team and compete with other users. By following the fantasy points system, whoever earns the highest points, wins the game along with the real money. Fantasy cricket platforms allow users to make the best use of their cricket knowledge and earn real cash through fantasy cricket apps.

Just go through this detailed guide, learn the rules and with the help of your cricket knowledge, show your gaming skills on Real11 app.

Idea of fantasy cricket:

The idea of fantasy cricket is quite simple, you have to make a fantasy team from the set of 22-25 players for an upcoming match and join the contest, which is available in two categories – practice contests where the entry fee is free and the paid contests where you can win real cash.

The basic understanding of cricket and a bit of research is required to take part in fantasy cricket leagues. The most important thing is to pick those 11 players who can perform well during the match. Let’s move forward and understand how to play fantasy cricket on Real11 app.


Register on Real11 app

Go to for downloading the app and register yourself via your phone number and Email ID.


pick an upcoming match

select a match where you want to play fantasy cricket and build your fantasy team.


Create your team

Make your fantasy team of 11 players with the 100 credit points. Follow the instructions for creating your team.


Join the contests

After creating your team, join the contests as per your convenience.

Practice contest: Here you can join the contest with no entry fees and analyze your performance in fantasy cricket leagues.

Paid Contest: If you’ve good understanding of cricket, then join the paid contests with nominal entry fees and win real cash.

Private contest: You can create your own contest and challenge your friends, family, relatives or known members.


Keep track of your team’s performance

Based on the performance of real-life players, you can keep track of your team’s performance in the joined contests.

Rules to create your fantasy team:

1.You will get 100 credit points to make a team of 11 players.

2.You can pick a maximum of 7 players and minimum of 4 players from a team.

3.There are 4 categories of players – wicket-keepers, batsmen, all-rounders and bowlers.

4.You can pick 1-4 wicket-keepers, 3-6 batsmen, 1-4 all-rounders and 3-6 bowlers.

5.After picking 11 players, select captain and vice-captain for your fantasy team.

Importance of Captain and Vice-captain in a fantasy team:

You get 2x points for your captain and 1.5x points for your vice-captain. It means you will get bonus points for these two players and the role of captain & vice-captain is huge if you want to win a huge amount of real money. These two players should be the best performers of the match.

Your captain earns double (2x) the total points in the real-time match.

Your vice-captain gets 1.5x points during the match.

How to calculate your fantasy points:

Each player in your fantasy team will get 4 points for being a part of the playing 11.

You will get bonus points for your captain(2x) and vice-captain (1.5x).

If your player is not in the playing XI of the match, then that player will get 0 points.

No points are allocated to the players for performing in the super over.

Bonus points:




Strike rate

Economy rate

picking a 4-wicket or 5-wicket haul

Note: To understand the points scoring in detail, you can visit the Fantasy Points System section.

Rules to create your fantasy team:

After the match is completed, you will get your final rank and fantasy points in the joined contests with your teams. You’ll win the amount as per your ranking in the joined contest. The better the rank, the more you win.

Withdraw your winnings:

After getting your winning amount on Real11 wallet, just go through the one-time verification process and you can withdraw your amount within a few clicks into your Bank or Paytm account.

Verify the account to withdraw your winnings!


This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly at your own risk.
This game is applicable for people 18+ only.