Chris Silverwood wants to see the Sri Lankan flair

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Chris Silverwood is ready to bring a new era in the Sri Lankan cricket

After a disappointing end to his coaching career with England, Chris Silverwood didn’t take much time to shift his focus and start working again. On being appointed as the head coach of the Sri Lankan team, the veteran has the formula to rebuild the Lankans but how effective will it be is the question. In the last year or so, Sri Lankan cricketers have shown that they have the quality but need to brush up their skills in order to fight for the big trophies once again. Silverwood wants to play fearless cricket and suggested the brand of cricket his team will play.

“I will try and instil some confidence into the boys so they can go out there and construct their innings and score big runs, certainly in the first innings and give us something to bowl at. It’s not rocket science”, said Silverwood in his first press conference as the Sri Lankan boss.

Speaking more about the subject, the 47-year-old added, “That’s not to say that we have to be reckless, what I’m saying is that we have to be smart. I do want them to be positive; I want them to be brave. If we go with that attitude, the dot-ball rates will go up which can only be a good thing”.

Silverwood wants to bring fresh air to Sri Lankan cricket. He has the experience and can take Sri Lanka to a much higher level. He also has given some interesting advice to all the fast bowlers as he said, “I’ve specifically challenged the test bowlers to be hot on their first 12 balls, because we all know that in the first 12 balls, you can make a real impact on your spell as well as put pressure back on the batters”.

Sri Lanka will take on Bangladesh in a 2- match test series later this month and the English coach is keeping an eye on the developments that’s been happening. He ended his press conference by saying that he wants to see the Sri Lankan flair and wants his boys to express whenever they hit the ground. 

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