Stop the Drama and decide fast, Kylian Mbappe!

By Real11 - May 20 2022 372 Views


Kylian Mbappe – The New Drama Queen in Town!

Stop it, Kylian. Just Stop it. This, that, what if and everything needs to end. Yes, it is tough to make a choice between your current club and your dream club. While PSG is ready to offer you a contract that is very tough to refuse, Real Madrid is patiently waiting for your arrival at the Bernabeu and here you are acting like the world revolves around you. Well that's just stupid! You got one whole year to decide your future and yet, pulling this further makes no sense. Journalists all over the world provide ridiculous information every day and there is no one in this world who is denying it.

At 22, if he aims to become the new Sporting director at Paris Saint Germain, the French forward must be joking. He is a generational talent who has the potential to win multiple Ballon D’ors should only concentrate on his game and not on other unnecessary things. Few reports also claim that he has asked for a 200 million joining bonus from Real Madrid and again, that is something ridiculous and no club in this world will be providing him that. The sooner he understands that, the better it is for them.

“I’m thinking” is what Donatello said every time a journalist came up to him with this burning question. By now, all the fans are tired of this same thing and few are even mocking him for taking a break from football for a year to choose his next club! He might be waiting for PSG to offer him the role of Emir to finally sign for the club. What do you want, man?

Real Madrid was very calm until last night. According to few journalists, the Los Blancos are now ‘worried’ that the French International might choose PSG over them. There’s no backup of him at the moment as Erling Haaland has already joined Manchester City. Thus, there are multiple reasons to be worried but with the squad they have, Real Madrid will not suffer for sure.

Coming back to Mbappe, the forward might announce his next move by this Sunday. Well, hopefully he will. Previously he informed everyone that he will announce his decision before joining the national camp and thus, it looks like the drama will finally come to an end. Yes, finally. 

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