4 reasons behind the rise of fantasy cricket in India

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4 reasons behind the rise of fantasy cricket in India

Fantasy Cricket has been in the Indian market for quite some time. People who had interest in this concept used to make loads of money by investing in foreign companies and learned a lot about the game. However, the number of users was a handful. Things changed when Indian companies came into the picture and changed the complexation of the industry in a very little time. They however fought a lot to prove that it is a legitimate business and gambling has nothing to do with it. Common people took some time to understand the game and now lakhs and lakhs of users regularly play fantasy cricket on various platforms. You just have to apply your skill and understand the game in order to take the money home!

The question remains though. How fantasy cricket became such a popular sport in India. Here’s exactly how -

  1.     Cricket is treated as a religion in our nation

Cricket is no less than a festival in India. It is treated as a religion and billions of people are part of this community. Now, after the introduction of fantasy cricket, people understand that they can now participate and win millions of rupees by simply following the game and making their fantasy team. With everyone following the game since childhood, it's relatively easy for them to make a team and win all the money.

  1.     The star cricketers are worshipped to say the least

People like MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli are worshipped in India and Sachin Tendulkar is cricket for some fans. There are people who stopped watching the game after Sachin Tendulkar retired from the game. Now, these superstars endorse multiple fantasy cricket apps as Gautam Gambhir who is a part of our Real11 family. Now, for a country who loves cricket and cricketers so much leaves no stone unturned to be a part of the game. Thus, fantasy cricket always had the opportunity to shine in India

  1.     Indian T20 League

Indian T20 League these days is as popular as any International tournament if not more. 380 million people watched the tournament on their TV last year and this will only grow with time to time. Television brands are competing against each-other to have the right to broadcast the tournament and are ready to bid for it. Well, the starting bid is more than Rs. 32,000 crores and thus, you can understand the popularity of the sport. Everyone wants to be a part of it and again, fantasy cricket gives them the perfect platform.

  1. Low value of other sports in our country

Unfortunately, other sports are not as popular as cricket in our country. A lot of people have interest in Football or Kabaddi but the number is way lesser. Billions watch the game and there are so many who worship the game. Now, since the value of other games are much lower than that of cricket, the value for fantasy cricket is much higher.


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