6 reasons why cricket is so popular in India

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6 reasons why cricket is so popular in India

 Cricket is less of a sport and more of a celebration in India. The insane popularity of this sport has even left our national game behind. The amount of craze can be determined by the way cricketers are worshipped here. It is not a mere sport, but a different religion all together. What is the reason behind the soaring admiration for cricket? Why is the most watched sport in India? We have come up with a few reasons as to why it is the most popular sport in this country

1) Keep it simple and authentic

To play cricket you just need a bat, ball and a minimum of two players and boom you are set to go. From a road to a crowded alley, this sport can be played even in the smallest and smallest of dimensions. 

Objective review, in India the sport is so popular amongst people that you can often find them playing cricket even in the most packed streets.

2) Finer infrastructure

Cricket has more number of coaching centers than any other sport in this country. This factor is immensely responsible for fostering more and more aspiring kids to get into cricket. Likewise, almost in each and every state of this country, there is at least one preeminent stadium. Other sports like football only have a few FIFA accredited stadiums and unfeigned playing turfs respectively. This element is also the primary cause behind the active participation and popularity of the sport. 

3) Dominant force

Another important reason behind the sport’s massive success is the performance of the national side in the cricketing arena. With many championships to their name, India is arguably one of the most powerful and influential nations to ever play cricket. India once used to excel in the game of hockey but with time their performance in the sport has gradually declined. When we talk about football then India hasn’t really flourished in the sport, primarily because of the lack of support and resources.

4) Great players

Cricket has been in existence for quite some time now. And years after years India has proven its mettle in the cricketing fraternity.  From legendary batsmen to supreme bowlers, India has produced players for all occasions consisting the likes of MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Zaheer Khan, and, Kapil Dev to name a few. 

5) A powerful authorizing body

BCCI is arguably one of the most influential governing bodies in the cricketing realm. It is rich, organized, efficient, and most importantly well respected by the International Cricket Council (ICC) BCCI, over the years has taken several positive steps for the fruitful development of the sport.

Contrastingly, the governing body like HI, IHF, AIFF, etc are extremely disorderly and desultory when comes to functioning and structural framework. They are often busy dealing with the internal problems within the organization. Compared to BCCI, their (other supervising bodies) financial condition is tremendously weak. 

6) The Indian T20 league factor

Established in 2008, the Indian T20 League has played a pivotal role in popularizing the sport. The international league is a twenty-twenty league wherein 8 teams compete for title. Over the years, it has proven to be a massive hit as well as a great cash cow in the sporting history of the country. All the world class players come here to be a part of this elite competition. Besides, it gave platform to youngsters to showcase their talent. The Indian T20 league has escalated the popularity of the sport to an enormous level amongst the Indians as for now that every rising cricketer wants to be a part of the greatest show on the planet.  Now, we have several other parallel leagues like the Indian Badminton League but they are nowhere near the fame and stature of the Indian T20 league, 




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