Autopsy of the Indian T20 Unit

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Post Mortem of Indian T20 team ft. Indian T20 League

The last time an Indian team won a World T20 title was the year before the Indian T20 league was introduced. Ever since that, Indian cricket has changed and only grew and a lot of talent has come up. Yet, India failed to win any of the World titles when it comes to the shortest format of the game. What exactly went wrong? Did the Indian T20 League destroy India’s t20 side or it’s too much expectations from the team? Here’s the post mortem report of India’s t20 side!

One thing that every fan will agree on is that at this moment, there’s no weak link in the team. If anything, a lot of world class players are out of the squad because the competition is intense in the dressing room. That has happened because of the t20 league. Now, what went wrong is simple. The captain Virat Kohli and coach Ravi Shastri have clearly stated that the Indian team wasn’t brave enough against Pakistan and New Zealand. The part that we need to focus on is why they weren’t brave enough? What was stopping them? Was their place in the team not sure and they wanted to play safe?

If reports are to be believed then Virat Kohli has lost his place in the dressing room. Yes, it can obviously be a baseless rumour but seeing the Indian team in the first two matches, it was established that the team lacks a bit of confidence. We are not playing the blame game here but these things need to be addressed in order to bring success.

It also isn’t a long time ago when some of the pundits were saying that the Indian t20 league will destroy cricket and the Indian team completely and that t20 cricket is rubbish and a waste of time. After a few years, they are telling players to concentrate more on the t20 World Series. So, opinions will change with time. In order to develop a good cricketing culture and provide more options to the young Indian players, Indian t20 league is very important and it is only helping Indian cricket to grow and not otherwise.

So, what was the reason behind this fall? The thing that India needs to solve is to have more all-rounders in the team. The likes of Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli need to bowl in white ball cricket and bring in players like Venkatesh Iyer into the mix. The strategies for the World Series’ also need to be evaluated to see whether the team is walking in the right direction. Another thing the team needs to do is give proper rest to all their players. The reason why England, Pakistan and Australia are winning matches is because they have given proper rest to all their players. Bio bubbles can be very tough and the Indian team is on the road for 6 long months. Thus, they need some rest before competing against these big giants.

With Rahul Dravid now in charge of the team, except to see more of these. The 2022 t20 World Series and the 2023 50 over World Series will be very important for the team to win a trophy. If they fail to win, this will be an upset in the history of cricket since all the players are absolutely brilliant in their respective departments.


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