Debunking the Myths of Fantasy Football

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Myth vs Reality : Fantasy Football Edition

Opinions are entirely different from facts and the majority of people tend to miss this very thing. Everyone is opined to have their own belief but that doesn't mean they are necessarily stating the actual facts. While a fact is something that is known to have or to exist, particularly for something which proof exists whereas an opinion is something that a person wholeheartedly believes in. Online gaming over the years has enjoyed great success in the nation. But the inception of fantasy football within the E-gaming industry has proliferated the already flourishing industry. In a cricket loving nation a notion like fantasy football is highly unlikely to garner attention. But unsurprisingly, it has done exceptionally well. You will be surprised to know but football has more fans than cricket across the globe. The resounding success of the skill game pioneer i.e. fantasy cricket is somewhere responsible for the boom for fantasy football. After fantasy cricket being a massive hit, fantasy sports operators tapped into the unfamiliar territory of football and amazingly received a crazy response. And when it happens, it translates to various myths. These myths often mislead you into believing something which is far from the actual reality. Today we will shed some light on popular misconceptions within the realm of fantasy football. 

Myth 1- If you’re a fan of football, you will certainly excel in fantasy football

Reality: Admiring a sport and playing them in real life are two different things. One can like watching a particular sport but can’t necessarily be a good athlete. Same is the scenario with fantasy football. You might be possibly the biggest fan of the game but that does not make you proficient in the online skill game of football. It demands thorough knowledge and precise decision making skills. One has to have relevant expertise to ace within the burgeoning sector.  

Myth 2-  Stick to a particular plan while devising teams

Reality: Following a specific game plan while competing in this space is not a good idea. You always need to be on the lookout for the players based on their performance, pick out players based on the allotted credits and adjust and adapt according to the playing XIs of the two sides. 

Myth 3- Players with more credits are more probable to do well

Reality: Player credits are issued in accordance with a player’s reputation. Fame does not guarantee a player’s performance in the match. So, you should avoid picking players solely based on their name and value instead consider choosing them on the back of their current form. 

Myth 4- Contests with higher price pool provides higher returns

Reality: That’s not exactly the case. With the steep rise in the number of fantasy football leagues and users the theory of higher price pool equates to higher profits fails. The competition within these leagues are quite high and the chances of your winning within these contests are slim to none. So, it’s better to partake in contests which have lesser competition. They might not offer you the same prize as mega contests but they certainly proliferate your chances of being in the winning zone.  

While, we hope we could help you shoot down a few myths, don’t get lost in the chatter and keep practising to become a proficient fantasy player every single day.

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