Everything you need to know about the World T20 Series 2021

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Guide to the World T20 Series 2021 

The rescheduled World T20 Series 2021 will be taking place in the United Arab Emirates and Oman from Sunday, Oct 17. Reigning Champions West Indies will look to grab their third title, having won the illustrious tournament twice in 2013 and 2016 

Here’s all you need to know about the prestigious event: 


Why and when was the tournament rescheduled?

The current edition of the T20 championship was initially set to take place in Australia. However keeping the covid situation in mind, India was given the onus to organize the 2021 season with Australia hosting the next season.

Earlier this calendar year, the Indian cricket board decided to shift the event to the Middle East keeping the novel covid set of affairs in keen consideration. 


What is the tournament format like?

A total of 16 teams will participate in the tournament. Round one will feature 8 teams, divided into two groups, aiming to proceed to the main round. Post the group rounds, two teams from each group will progress to the semi finals. 


When and where will the semi final and the final of the tournament take place

The semi final of the World T20 series 2021 is scheduled to be played at Abu Dhabi on November 11 whereas the final will be played in Dubai on November 14  


Is DRS allowed for the tournament?

Yes, DRS makes its debut in the World T20 series 2021. Each team will be permitted to avail two unsuccessful reviews per inning. 


Will Super Over be considered permissible?

Super Over will take place in the event of a tie. Each team will keep on playing the super unless a winner is decided. In case weather conditions halt the play, both teams share a point each.  

Are spectators allowed inside the stadium?

Yes, but in reduced capacity

Oman stadiums will allow 3000 fans while venues in UAE will host upto 70% capacity following proper COVID preventive measures.


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