Expert Strategies for Winning The Online Ludo Game

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Proven Tips For Crushing Your Opponents in the Online Ludo Game 

Though it is, Ludo is evergreen and is a game beyond time for all players. If any game can be played and enjoyed by all alike—by anyone, from senior citizens to the youngest member of your family—it is Ludo; and extending your Ludo gaming experience online is now Real11 Ludo. 

Real11 Ludo is one of the most popular online multi-gaming platforms in India, offering one of the best Ludo games . The simplicity of the user interface itself gives one more reason to love the game. You can just pick any available Ludo game mode to start a match in the app.

But the most impressive thing is that you get real cash! You read right, all you do is: you play and you get cash in return. In addition to being easy and fast, the convenience of the transaction process is safe. Through Ludo gaming, you will play effortlessly to earn money every day and safely withdraw it into your bank account. You can start here at Real11 Ludo with an absolutely small amount of money and work your way up towards the bigger ones, so slowly but surely, you will start winning more often. Just scroll down to realize all the tips on how to learn ways that will help you crush your opponents and be the actual pro in the game!

Tips to Crush Opponents 

Here are some Ludo tips and tricks that will help you defeat your opponents and be a champion in the game of Ludo:

The Parking Your Gotis Strategy

Don't let a goti get returned; quickly drive it down toward your home column. Harming your opponents' progress and protecting your gotis increases your winning prospects.

The Blocking Strategy

Place your gotis in such a way that they block opponents' movements and cause them to lose valuable time searching for other routes. But, in order not to become a sitting duck yourself, balance blocking moves with moves that take your own gotis forward.

The Deception Technique

Apply reverse psychology, play defensively such that most opponents will start concentrating on one another. Do this until you then roughly relocate your pieces home. After they have settled in, surprise them by roughly repositioning your pieces back home. With this strategy, timing is everything. 

The Two-Step Approach

Now, to save your gotis from being eliminated, you must place two of them in the same position. Therefore, when you get two of your gotis in the same position, you keep one in the safe position behind the other one to keep your gotis safe and keep the situation under control.

The Goti Elimination Strategy

To take an opponent's goti and send him back home, place your ludo gotis alongside his. This is a great advantage since it enables one to move and send more of his gotis forward. It requires patience and timing.

The Grouping Method

This will foster mutual support, especially towards the end of the game. Gotis that are near each other can defend each other and not become isolated. However, an opponent can gang up on several gotis at one go, so a little care needs to be taken.

Mistakes You Can Avoid

Following are the mistakes that you can avoid to be better than your opponents:

Not Using Safe Places

This situation, where players are moving pieces in dangerous directions instead of safe ones, has more often resulted in unnecessary losses. Avoid it by planning your moves according to the position of your opponents and the places that are likely to be safe during their expected movements.

Being Over Aggressive

Overly aggressive goti-eliminating tactics may lead one to even forget his own. Be attacking as well as defensive at the same time, and evaluate moves continuously so that one does not fall prey to unexpected problems.

Caring Less about Goti Security

One might end up losing Goti just because he is spending too much time thinking about getting your opponents out. This can be avoided by ensuring that the safety of your own gotis comes before everything else.

No Advance Planning

Although common, planning is important. Anticipate the movement of your opponent to play well and not make a snap judgement; arrange gotis to adjust your plans, thinking ahead to future games. 

Forget Probabilities of Dice

Gamers tend to underestimate each probability of rolling dice. Keep in mind that any given number will only occur 1/6 of the time, so strategize accordingly and always adjust gameplay strategy if the dice are not rolling favourably.


This may further result in overconfident carelessness, belittling the opponents' worth, thus acting unwisely. Avoid such unnecessary risks by playing it safe, playing strategically, and anticipating the opponent's moves; balance confidence with your moves.


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This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly at your own risk.
This game is applicable for people 18+ only.