Fantasy Cricket Games: Free vs. Paid Contests

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Fantasy Cricket Games: Free vs. Paid Contests

Fantasy Cricket platforms attract millions of visitors around the world to play games like cricket, football, and kabaddi. Not only do sports fanatics enjoy skill-based games but engaging games can be liked by anyone around. Fantasy games are also legal in India. 

Cricket is the most popular sport in India. And supposedly it also attracts the most amount of sports enthusiasts to play online fantasy cricket. People tend to engage in indirect sporting activities like playing fantasy cricket to satisfy their satire of getting engaged in a game. The users depending on their skill level and knowledge of the game choose contests. 

The top cricket fantasy app available in the Indian market is Real11 fantasy sports. Real11 delivers a seamless experience to its users upon playing fantasy games on its platform. One can choose between free contests (which don't provide monetary rewards) or a paid contest (which provides huge cash rewards or exclusive merchandise). 

Here are some tips to help you with a wise choice between free and cash fantasy cricket contests:

  • Reckoning the Game

It is important to properly analyze the game before you decide between a free or a cash contest on a fantasy cricket app. If you do have a great understanding of the game of cricket and are up to date with the latest news, you can pot a cash contest in your fantasy cricket app. Your knowledge about the game is an important factor in deciding the results of the game and your achievements in it. Most importantly you should keep an eyeball on the recent happenings around the game.

  • Be Active

Always try to be active during and before a live match. Before deciding on the type of contests to play, one should always think about whether you are free at that time or you are having a busy day. However, if you can take some time before the match starts, you can analyze the teams and opt for cash contests accordingly.

  • Involvement of Risks

One should understand that risk is involved before participating in a cash contest. In other words, if you choose to participate in cash contests, you are investing your money and participating in cash contests that have financial risks involved. Also, the return is dependent on your fantasy team’s performance in the fantasy cricket league.

Before you opt for a cash contest, you should always move your eyes to the terms and conditions of the specific contest. Also, it's better to play a few free contests, so that you get an idea of the game and the risks involved in playing fantasy cricket apps.

  • Fantasy Cricket App Understanding

Once you get started with playing online fantasy cricket, you can get your hands on the free or practice contests on the apps to get an idea of the tips and tricks. Once you complete your warm-up matches, get a clear understanding of how fantasy cricket apps work. After that, you can look for cash contests with a variety to choose from. At that point, the tips from the free contests will guide you a lot and give you much more confidence to do well in cash contests.

You can look for much more tips and tricks related to fantasy sports that will help you to get better and better. Log in to Real11 to start your journey in the world of fantasy sports.

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This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly at your own risk.
This game is applicable for people 18+ only.