Former-Aussie Star Questions The BlackCaps On Their Spirit Of The Game

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"Why Help Virat Kohli When He Had A Muscle Cramp?": Former-Aussie Star Questions The BlackCaps

The whole of the cricket fraternity and the world might be celebrating Virat Kohli’s record-breaking half-century of Hundreds but the ex-Australian pacer Simon O’Donnell criticised New Zealand’s gesture of assisting the Indian run machine when he was seen suffering from cramps during the 2023 World Cup ODI semi-final in Wankhede, Mumbai. The Indian talisman was seen stumbling with cramps during his 113 ball knock of 117 which anchored India to a score of 397 runs against the BlackCaps on Wednesday. During the event, some of the New Zealand players came forward to help the Indian star batter while he was struggling from muscle cramps and O’Donnell had a problem with that warm gesture in the Gentleman’s game. 

The four main string of events in the game were Rohit’s most sixes in ODI World Cup history, 50 Centuries by Virat Kohli, an expeditious ton by Shreyas Iyer and a 7-wicket haul by Mohammed Shami which helped Team India to snatch a 70-run victory against the Kiwis.

"I had a problem a couple of times last night. Virat Kohli gets cramp, they're (India) heading for 400 (runs) and (New Zealand) blokes go over and help him," Simon O'Donnell, former Australian pacer who played 87 One Day Internationals expressed his thoughts on a radio channel. 

"Why would you go and help Virat Kohli when he had a cramp? When they're heading for 400. In a World Cup semifinal. The Spirit of the game is playing within the laws. Virat Kohli is tearing your country apart and you want to go over and give him a hand."

He didn’t care about the morality, all that he stated was the Kiwi players should have gone nowhere near Kohli when he was suffering from the cramps.

"Don't care. Under no circumstances should you have gone within 20 metres of Virat Kohli when he had a cramp.

"He (Virat) threw his bat away and one of the Kiwis went and picked it up. 'Go and pick your own bat up while you've got a sore hamstring and a cramp. Stop hitting us for sixes and fours'.

"That's not a big deal. That's not outside the spirit of the game. It's being competitive and saying, 'Ok, he's being physically challenged, why are we assisting him to stay physically ok to belt the crap out of us?'

Team India's young opener Shubman Gill left the ground and retired hurt due to muscle cramps when he was on 79 and later Kohli was also seen struggling during his 149-minute stay at the crease.

"I don't get it, I just don't get it. Stuff helping him out, he's made 50 One-Day hundreds, so why help him make the 50th against you in a World Cup semifinal? Give me a spell."

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