Gatti's score barely help Juve to cross the touchline

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The third-placed Juventus edge past Fiorentina by 1-0

Juventus managed to tame Fiorentina in the 31st match of Serie A 2023/2024 at Allianz Stadium, on Sunday(07th April 2024). This match was not easy for Juventus and the reason was that Fiorentina put pressure on them, especially after conceding. The Visitors Fiorentina had a chance but failed to produce a goal, one of which was Nico Gonzalez's shot which was pushed over by Wojciech Szczesny and ended up hitting the crossbar. Meanwhile, Juventus' goal was scored by Federico Gatti in the 21st minute of the game.

This result makes Juventus score 62 points and remains perched in third place in the 2023/2024 Italian League standings. Meanwhile, Fiorentina is in 10th position with a collection of 43 points. Juve played aggressively at the start of the first half and they immediately scored a goal in the fifth minute through McKennie. However, the goal was disallowed by the referee in the 12th minute, they scored another goal thanks to Dusan Vlahovic's action, taking advantage of Gatti's header which hit the crossbar but the referee disallowed the goal. Before entering the ball hit Bremer unfortunately, the Brazilian defender was in an offside position.

In the 21st minute, Juventus finally scored a goal Bremer headed Kostic's pass from the left but the ball bounced off the goalpost. The ball was then struck by Gatti and opened the breakthrough for Juve. In the 32nd minute, Juve scored another goal from Vlahovic's action, he completed the ball from McKennie's header. However, the goal was again disallowed because the previous assist provider was caught offside. After that, no more goals were scored.

In the second half, Fiorentina tried to change their tactics but Juventus could continue to play comfortably and try to find a second goal. Juve then tried to change their tactics too and they pulled out Chiesa and Kostic and replaced them with Yildiz and Illing-Junior. But after that, Fiorentina started to dominate the game and they controlled possession of the ball. In the 70th minute, Nico threatened and fired a shot at the Juve defence. But the ball still went wide. In the 73rd minute Nico Gonzalez once again tried to threaten Juve's goal. He cut in from the right and fired a shot at the far post and the ball was still pushed over by Szczesny and hit the post! In the 85th minute, Fiorentina threatened again. But Beltran's shot hit his teammate. In the end, no goals were scored in the second half and Juve clinched three crucial points.


Juventus: Szczesny, Gatti, Bremer, Danilo, Cambiaso, Mkennie, Locatelli, Rabiot, JKostic, Vlahovic, Chiesa

Coach Massimiliano Allegri

Fiorentina: Terracciano, Kayode, Milenkovic, Ranieri, Biraghi, Mandragora, Bonaventura, Gonzalez, Barak, Kouame, Belotti

Coach: Vincenzo Italiano

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