Has Mbappe turned down a whopping 700 million euro move to Saudi?

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PSG is convinced that Mbappé agreed on terms with Real Madrid

Kylian Mbappe rejected the fantastic offer made by Al Hilal as per reports. This refusal was a signal that he only wanted a move to Real Madrid. the Saudi Club Al Hilal caused an uproar in the football world by sending an offer of €300 million to Paris Saint-Germain to transport Mbappe to Saudi Arabia. PSG, which intends to sell it, of course, accepted the offer. However, the sales process is not easy because it requires the willingness of Mbappe.

Al Hilal is trying to prepare a contract of €700 million per year for the 24-year-old wunderkind, Mbappe. That much money turned out to be rejected outright! French man's rejection was harsh. Journalist Gianluca di Marzio reported that the player was even reluctant to talk to his fans. Without talks, the offer from Al Hilal is impossible to accept. Mbappe tried to stay away from further discussions with the Saudi Arabian League club.

The report also confirms that Mbappe is determined not to move to Saudi Arabia, at least for now. Mbappe's rejection was reported differently by The Times. According to the report, this refusal is an indication that Mbappe wants to go to Madrid. Rumours about Mbappe going to Madrid and Madrid wanting Mbappe have indeed started the transfer saga for the 24-year-old player.

There are growing rumours that Mbappe has agreed with Madrid to move there in 2024. Although there have been no reliable reports confirming this. Mbappe's refusal was a heavy blow to PSG who are trying to sell him in the summer of 2023. PSG's next decision will be very crucial. Because PSG doesn't want to lose Mbappe for free in 2024, like it or not, Mbappe must be sold cheaper so that Madrid wants to make an official offer.

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