Here's why apps like Real11 are ideal for playing fantasy cricket

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Reasons why one should follow Fantasy Cricket Apps like Real11 religiously

Indians love to eat, drink and breathe cricket. Cricket is such a sport that it is treated as a religion in India. Indians love the game of bat and ball to such an extent that people all around the country have tried the game at least once in their lifetime. The people of the country have different levels of passion, love, and respect towards the sport. 

With the help of online fantasy cricket, one can now enjoy the thrill of the Indian T20 League on a virtual platform. You can even pick any player for your team squad. All you have to do is to keep an eyeball on the sport and the latest updates on it. The love for cricket is inevitable in India and cricket is a reason for entertainment for many Indians.

The best part of fantasy cricket is that it makes use of your analytical skills and knowledge so that you win big cash rewards rather than making useless debates with other cricket fanatics and making them understand your point. During the pandemic, India has witnessed a huge rise in the number of fantasy players as everyone was bound to stay home behind closed doors during the lockdown. Thus people are spending a lot of time behind the game rather than the number in 2019.

Also, India is the second-largest nation in terms of browsing. Due to modernization, swift internet, and cheap handsets, every 8 out of 10 persons here are having a smartphone which indeed increases the popularity of fantasy cricket games in India as it is an easy money-making option. 

The best part of the Real11 app is it is safe to use and has user-friendly features along with well-protected privacy which makes it to be one of the best fantasy apps in India. 

So if you are wondering when to start your journey on Real11, always keep in mind to choose one of the long-lasting tournaments. It is because it will give you a chance to win on multiple occasions. And nothing is better than the fantasy cricket league to start your journey of fantasy cricket in India. 

And before getting into the real business we always recommend our users to try their hand at the practice matches and get a rough sketch of the game. And to ensure playing fantasy cricket daily on Real11, there are some solid reasons why you should  hurry and start your career in the world of fantasy sports during the ongoing Indian T20 League season: 


Earn while you Play

As we already know that Real11 is the perfect place to showcase your skill, knowledge, and tactics to earn money. That is also because with immense joy and pleasure it also provides its users with a lot of exciting prizes including massive cash rewards worth lakhs. Winning money by creating teams and joining contests while watching a cricket game is not at all a bad deal. 


Leaderboards Awards

During a fantasy cricket league, users play more and more contests to win good amounts of money. Not only that, when they participate and win in contests, they climb up the league leaderboard which runs upon the score of all the played contests combined. 

Cricket News Update and Previews

When someone is a devotee of the game. He makes sure to follow each and every piece of information possible. Fantasy cricket makes it easy for users to stay updated as it helps one to get to in-depth research and get involved in the game, making teams ensure winning. Everything like player analysis, pitch situation, weather report, injury news, team lineups, and scorecards are such things that are needed to be followed while staying active in a fantasy cricket game. 


Match Selection

Last but one of the most important things is there are many contests available and one has to choose from which contests to play in. Multiple matches are happening and with your confidence, you have to zero down to the best. You can learn how to choose contests by learning from the pro players, and what they do. And use your own knowledge to choose the ones you feel are suitable and will be value for money. 

To wrap the context, one should remember that the prime reason for starting playing fantasy cricket is fun and entertainment. With this, you can spend a decent amount of time on something productive focusing on a game. It also helps reduce anxiety, stress, and depression and improves cognitive and analytical thinking.

These are some of the reasons why one should follow fantasy cricket applications regularly. Now that you have a basic idea about the procedure, you can try your hand on the Real11 app now. Explore the world of fantasy cricket like never before.


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