Indian T20 League 2023 is all set to start in April: Reports

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Indian T20 League 2023 is all set to start in April: Reports


A big update has come to the fore at the start of the Indian T20 league 2023. The 16th season of the tournament will start in the first week of April along with this, there is talk of holding the first match in Mumbai. The source related to this league has given this information that the next season will start in the first week of April.

The decision was taken by Indian cricket top officials on 01 December 2022 as per reports. The opening match of the Indian T20 was also discussed in this meeting. However, there is no official information about holding the first match in Mumbai. Along with this, multiple decisions will also be taken regarding the women's Indian T20 league. The women's T20 league is planned just before the Indian T20 league next year. It was believed that there would be 5 teams that will commence the tournament.

Last time Indian T20 league title was won by Gujarat. The team was captained by Hardik who won the title by defeating Rajasthan. The team became the champion for the very first time in this league. The first match of the Indian T20 League 2023 is also to be played between Gujarat and Rajasthan. It has been a tradition that the first match of the next season will always take place between the finalist teams of the previous season.

In the first mega auction of the Indian T20 League 2022, Hugh Adams was seen bidding for the players. However, during this, he suddenly fainted on the stage. After this, the remaining ceremony of the auction was handled by Charu Sharma. Although Adams came back at the last minute of the auction. While coming back, all the franchisees encouraged and respected him by clapping. Now even in the mini-auction of 2023, Hughes will be seen getting the player's bid.

Curran to Stokes, Williamson, Hales, Adil, Green and all the big players will participate in the first mini-auction of 2023. This time mini-auction is going to be very interesting. It has to be seen which team bets on which player. Significantly, before the mini-auction, a total of 163 players have been retained by all the franchises. At the same time, a total of 85 players have been released.

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