International Cricket Board to reintroduce neutral umpires

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International Cricket Board set to reintroduce neutral umpires

International Cricket Council chairman Greg Barclay has revealed that the global governing body is set to reintroduce neutral umpires. The International Cricket Board had to appoint home umpires because of the COVID pandemic.

"I think in the COVID days, the home umpires got some exposure to stand for Test umpiring. It split things a bit wider. If you look at the stats, you can see that there was a pretty much thereabout the teams' performances than what we had the neutral umpires," Barclay said.

"We are now the other side of the COVID and we are reintroducing the neutral umpiring arrangements which was decided in the board meeting we had a couple of weeks ago. We will see neutral umpires back up and running again. I can't give you the date due to operational issues but soon."

Barclays also spoke about the International Cricket Board World Test Series and believes the tournament has helped the format excel. “Now we are in the second cycle of International Cricket Board Test Series. The first cycle was very successful. What we did at the International Cricket Board is to give more relevance and try to make them good context to maintain and drive to make it more successful," he pointed out. "Every country now has a chance to make it to the World Test Series final. If you look at New Zealand, we did that against the odds. There was luck along the way. Australia's South Africa tour is an example. You will never know what is going to happen. It also ensures all the playing countries have a minimum commitment to all other teams and play Test cricket.

"Test cricket is still a great part of the cricketing landscape. I know that T20 profile wise stands at the top. World Test Series is a very much part of the strategy of maintaining all the teams get equal opportunity to play.

Barclay acknowledged that giving hosting rights to the United States of America will help in expanding the game. "We want to grow the game across a number of countries. Hosting games helps the growth of the game within that country. It gives opportunities to fans, players and partners within the region. West Indies will have the lion's share of the games but I am really pleased that the USA along with a number of other countries will get to host events in the coming cycle," he said. "It is part of the strategy. If we can get the game to spread across the globe, it is great for cricket."


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