Is Man City going to be next in the subject to points deduction?

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Is Manchester City going to be next in the subject to points deduction after Everton and Nottingham Forest?

The Premier League is quite strict in enforcing the rules for cases of financial violations. Already two clubs have been found guilty and sentenced to heavy points deductions: Everton and Nottingham Forest. In the 2023/2024 season, the EPL is strictly implementing the Profitability and Sustainability Rules (PSR). The Premier League strictly controls club income and expenditure to prevent clubs from going bankrupt.

Everton is the first team to be sanctioned for violating this rule and the Toffees were doomed to a 10-point deduction, but this sanction was reduced to just six points after Everton appealed. Well, most recently, on Monday (18th March 2024), Nottingham Forest became the second club to be sanctioned for violating PSR rules. According to the statement,  The Garibaldis were found guilty because their losses exceeded the threshold. In the 2022/2023 season, Forest recorded a loss of £95.5 million. This figure exceeds the maximum limit set by the EPL, namely £61 million with a difference of £34.5 million in losses, Forest was found guilty by the independent commission in charge.

Just like Everton, Nottingham Forest also received a points deduction from the EPL. However, the sanctions received by Nottingham Forest were not as big as Everton's they only got a deduction of four points. The Everton and Nottingham Forest cases have made fans wonder when the EPL will take firm steps against Man City. The reason is, that third-placed Man City's case is much more serious than those of the two clubs and City was found guilty of 115 violations of EPL financial rules. Until now the case is still ongoing in court, and Man City is still defending itself through the best lawyers.

Well, that's precisely why the EPL has not been able to impose punishment. The case is still being processed, the Citizens' status is still a defendant, not yet truly proven guilty. If Man City can defend themselves with concrete evidence, it is possible they can avoid sanctions. However, if proven guilty, the punishment for the nine EPL winners will be much heavier than Everton or Nottingham Forest. There is a lot of news circulating that if Man City is truly guilty, they could be convicted to relegation and be stripped of their championship title.

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