Juventus loses 15 points for irregularities, going down from 3rd to 10th place

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Juventus slips to 10th position in Italian League


On Friday, the Appeals of the Italian Federation announced the sanction for Juventus for irregularities in their accounting processes in player signings. Those from Turin were punished with a subtraction of 15 points in Serie A going from third place to tenth. In addition, its managers also received heavy sanctions.

The 'Vecchia Signora' is back in the news for fraudulent actions in Europe, after altering the valuations of their signings to inflate their economic balances to avoid financial fair play that controls the expenses of European clubs when it comes to making transfers

Massimiliano Allegri's team was in third place in Serie A with 37 points, after the sanction and the subtraction of 15 Juventus units would fall to tenth place with 22 points. With this, the Bianconeri were 12 units away from the Champions League positions, which complicates the international claims of the Italians.

The sanction not only considers the subtraction of scores for the team but its former and current leaders were also punished by being banned from holding any position in the world of football.

His former sports director, current of Tottenham, Fabio Paratici was sanctioned with 2 and a half years of disqualification. For Maurizio Arrivabenne, currently, in office, the sanction is 1 year and 4 months. Its former president, Andrea Agnelli, will be punished with two years. Finally, the former soccer player Pavel Needed, who also served as sports director, was sanctioned for 8 months.

This is not the first scandal experienced in Turin, since in 2006 Juventus was penalized for 'refereeing influence', subtracting 30 points and condemning them to the Italian Second Division. In addition, they took away the titles they won in 2005 and 2006.

The sanction is not yet final for Juventus, since they will be able to appeal within 30 days to the Guarantee College of the Olympic Committee.

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