Points to keep in mind before downloading a Fantasy Cricket App

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Valuable Points to keep in Mind before Downloading a Fantasy Cricket App

In India, Real11 is one of the top most grossing apps in the Indian market right now. People love it as they enjoy creating their own teams and using it to win huge cash rewards. But there are certain points to keep in mind before playing this game. This guide is a one stop solution for all your queries before downloading and using the app yourself!

  1. Check on all Security Measures

Before downloading an app which requires monetary transaction, one should always check whether their device is well protected from any bugs or viruses that may steal your data. Learn about the app you are using and its policies and privacy rules before downloading it. With Real11 you can be 100% sure about your payments and privacy.

  1. Keep an Eye on the Live Stream

Always watch the live stream of the game you have joined a contest for. This will help you to keep an account on the real time changes and get updated to it accordingly. As virtual teams are made of nothing other than the real time players’ and can change based on what’s happening on the field.

  1. Monitor Everything about Rule Change

When participating in a fantasy contest stay updated on the game rules. This is important as players or teams get affected by certain rule changes and take time to regain their hold on the ground. Rules can change the strategy of how a team plays. So be sure you have not overlooked any changes in rules before creating your draft team.

  1. Switch on the notification tab

When you have made a team and your game is in a certain time, turn on the notifications on the Real11 app to get all the updates regarding the match, players, any rule change or other such news. Also you will be notified if there is any new contest, discount coupon or offers available on the app. Get team alerts on Real11 before the game when the team is announced, you will get immediate notification if any player is not in the team list but you have picked in your Playing XI. This way you can get aware about the quick changes and decide accordingly.

  1. Create Teams across Multiple Campaigns

When you are confident about your game play strategy and you are confident to win cash contests, you should always try to create multiple teams to increase your winning chances. Also try to join multiple tournaments to get an opportunity to win in one if you are losing in another. Multiple contests of different sizes also help you to understand what type of team formation works better in which one.

 6. Get Familiar with Players’ Form

Real11 app is a fantasy sports platform which creates teams based on Real times players on the field. So it is important to understand which players are in sublime touch. Choose players who have already shown potential in previous games and can be suitable for forming a great team which fetches you money. Not only that, it also needs quite a bit of knowledge about the players. Because one must understand that always a players’ performance will not be poor, he may shine on the pitch against the team he played strong before or he may target certain bowlers. So the trends can be understood properly once the user becomes familiar with the game.

And lastly, it’s never late to start something new. So join India's one of the most trusted and popular fantasy app. The most exciting and thrilling league is underway- The Indian T20 League, so make your team now and join other users in winning exciting prizes every day.

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This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly at your own risk.
This game is applicable for people 18+ only.