Pro tips to win money from fantasy cricket

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Pro tips to Win Money in Fantasy Cricket Online

Indian T20 League 2022 is ongoing and it’s a great opportunity for the cricket-loving fans of the nation to win huge stacks of cash by playing fantasy cricket on Real11 fantasy sports. Indian fantasy sports players have rated Real11 as the most trusted and safe fantasy sports platform in India. With the legendary Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir as the brand ambassador, Real11 is developing rapidly in the field of fantasy sports with over 4 million users on board.

Now the point is how to win? Ok, We are there for you!

Our expert team has created a list of valuable points which will help you to win money playing Fantasy Cricket online in Real11.


1. Use your Skills not your Luck

The greatest cricketers like MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli are such types of players who believe in the process and try to give their best till the last ball. Similarly, you should approach the same way, they do. Always keep a positive approach and think of the best possibilities while creating a Playing XI. You can make a team in a couple of minutes and score points, it’s not a very tough task. But when you are determined to win and you have that willpower, you have to use all your resources like your skills, knowledge, and tactics to make your team. The team that you create taking time, and choosing the bests will not only fetch you points but also a large amount of cash rewards in winnings. 

Real11 is an all-in-one app, which provides you with all the statistics like the Pre-Match analysis, changes in the playing XI, and other important data just before the game begins. 

Follow our Real11 blog posts before making a team, follow what our experts say. Also, check other news websites to get notified about any latest developments on the game. Always be aware of any injuries, players out of form, as these factors can contribute to your team’s performance. Before a game begins check how the players have performed in the previous matches played in that same venue. Also, create an analysis of individual players' statistics against their opponents. These informations clinched from such researches are invaluable assets for choosing a Playing XI. After all of it, do a final check for any news related to the teams half an hour before the game begins. And it is equally important as you don’t want to end up choosing your captain (2X points) or Vice-Captain (1.5X points) who are not even playing!


2. Don’t choose players based on their Format-Specific form

There are certain players like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and Jasprit Bumrah who are exceptions and can adapt to any form of the game. This is a very common mistake that newcomers to the field of fantasy sports commit are that they choose players who have got a huge reputation in some other format. 

Pat Cummins is Australia’s test teams’ skipper and is in sublime touch in that form but has been benched by Kolkata in the recent Indian T20 League 2022 because of his poor performance in constant matches. Although certain players are a must-pick for the team for their gameplay. One such player is MS Dhoni, he influences the team, he wasn't half a good test player, as he was in T20s and ODIs. He is arguably one of the greatest to have played the game of cricket.  So always choose players who can turn out to be game-changers. Also, bid on players who are in red-hot form, as they are the ones surly to perform.


3. Fantasy Cricket is Real World Cricket, Yet quite Different!

Fantasy cricket games are quite similar to the real-life cricket matches played on the field. Also, there are many similarities between how you choose a fantasy cricket team and how they choose a Playing XI in the real competition. But it’s equally important, that you understand the differences too, In real-life cricket matches, bowlers are praised if they are economical in their four-overs spell. But it is not the case in fantasy cricket, here a bowler needs to pick wickets, then only he is supposed to fetch good credit points. It’s just like if a bowler is giving 24 runs in 4 overs but with no wickets. That is praised in live matches as the bowler is economical, and also in fantasy cricket, he will fetch points for dot balls. When it comes to fantasy cricket, let it be 40 runs in 4 overs, but if he fetches 2 wickets it will be more fruitful than the economical over with no wickets. As wickets bring much more credit points than wicketless economical spells.

And also in live real cricket matches, there are certain templates in which the team is being formed. But in fantasy cricket there is no such thing, you just have to choose the players who are the best according to their recent performances may it be from the batsman, all-rounder, or bowler section.


4. New-comes can also be Leaders

One of the most significant differences between real-life cricket and fantasy cricket is its leadership policies. In real-life cricket, there is no special advantage that the captain or the vice-captain provides. Whereas in Real11 fantasy cricket the captain gains double points (2X credits) and the Vice-Captain gets 1.5X credits among the team. But in real-time there are very few options when it comes to the question of captaincy change. Just like recently, Virat Kohli left both the white and red ball captaincy for India after such a long time. But in fantasy cricket, you can choose any player whom you think will outperform others in the tournament and can change it in every match.

It is totally normal if you provide your team’s captaincy to a newbie. Although it is impossible in traditional cricket, it is quite a simple factor of change according to the player’s capabilities. Leadership is usually provided to the most consistent players in the team who has performed brilliantly in the format. Your captain can also be a batsman, bowler, or all-rounder whomever you think has the capability to perform and is confident with his skills. And apart from adding spice to watching the game, fantasy cricket also provides lucrative prizes.


5. Winning Money is a process

Winning a large stack of cash in Real11 is easy if you abide by the rules and believe in the process. All you need to do is analyze the playing conditions, trust your process, compare player stats, and choose players based on their past performances. And most importantly, a small trick yet the most useful one is that always make multiple teams and join multiple tournaments. This will increase your chances of winning and also cover your expenses of losing.

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