Real11- A Vital Cog In The Evolution Of Fantasy Cricket In India

By Real11 - Feb 10 2022 626 Views


How Real11 has significantly contributed to the advancements within fantasy cricket?

The introduction of fantasy cricket has revolutionised the online gaming industry. This has allowed people with a thorough understanding of the sport to play fantasy cricket and bag attractive cash prizes. Fantasy cricket platforms have certainly played a key role in the growing popularity of the highly sought-after space. Today we are going to take a look at one of such fantasy platforms in India.  Launched in 2019, Real11 has established itself in the field of fantasy cricket. With over 18 lakh active users, the fantasy cricket operator has solidified its place in the market.  Known for meeting the demands of its users, Real11 is also recognized for its various contests. Contests range from mega to beginners level, which gives users the luxury to choose as per their convenience. In addition to all these advantages, the fastest growing platform is also regarded for daily deals and discounts.  Real11 is probably the only one in the market with daily specials. Bonus prices, deposit vouchers, reduced entry tickets and many other attractive offers are available for users’ service.

Extensive functions such as instant withdrawal, second inning contests, and shareable contests make Real11 better than the rest. Let's take a closer look at this exclusive feature exclusive

Instant Withdrawal: Within instant withdrawal, the user can access their winnings within minutes. The winning amount is transferred to the winner's bank/Paytm account in no time

Second Inning Contests: Second Inning contests gives a user the golden opportunity to compete in the second half of the game as well. This gives users the opportunity to maximise their profits.

Shareable Contests: A Sharing Contest allows a user to enter a contest for free (in shareable eligible contests) by directing others to enter that particular contest. After the last invited user joins the paid contest, the user can avail for free entry (for / in this competition)

In addition to a successful website model, the Real11 platform also has a rapidly growing mobile application. The integration of social and payment gateways along with advanced analytics makes Real11 the best fantasy app in India. This application is easy to use and understand. Just download the APK from the website, install the app, and you're done. The efficient and effective way of application will surely give you a wonderful experience. Unlike other fantasy apps, Real11 is completely authentic and safe to use. As a user, you are unlikely to have any problems with any contest or offer in the app. Overall, the entire Real11 platform is ideal for ambitious fantasy players. Not only because of its phenomenal features and efficiency, but also because of the many possibilities it offers its users. The numerous chances, backed by daily specials, encourage users to prove their dominance in the realm of fantasy cricket. The idea of ​​winning daily cash prizes by competing in fantasy cricket leagues through a platform is inexplicable. So come and be a part of this epic journey. Play Real11 fantasy cricket and win fascinating cash rewards worth crores daily!




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This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly at your own risk.
This game is applicable for people 18+ only.