Rishabh Pant blames the big screen for his DRS mistake that cost Delhi the game against Kolkata

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Rishabh Pant blames the big screen for his DRS mistake that cost Delhi the game against Kolkata

Narine would have long gone back into the dressing room if Rishabh Pant took a DRS after the umpire’s decision was against his side. The Caribbean power hitter edged the ball which was caught behind the stumps by wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant. Mitchell Marsh who was fielding in the third-yard circle suggested that there was some noise but Pant continued to debate on the topic for a long time and the allotted time for DRS was eventually over.

This incident occurred when Narine was below the score of 30. 

After the match, when Pant was asked about his mistake, he blamed the big screen “A lot was happening at that time. There was some problem with the giant screen, and we couldn’t see the timer and ran out of time to call for DRS,” he said.

This was not the only time Pant committed a mistake in this game. Shreyas Iyer edged the ball and Pant gloved it down but denied his bowler to go for DRS. The replay again affirmed him wrong and the Kolkata skipper went on to score 18 runs off 11 deliveries. Iyer if the DRS was taken, would return with a score of just 4 runs then.

In the meantime, the Delhi keeper slammed his bowling department as they conceded the second-highest team total in the history of the Indian T20 League. “We were all over the place and didn’t bowl well throughout the game. There are times when nothing goes right, and it was one of those days for us,” he added. 

Pant stated that his team consistently focused on the total. “We always play to win games, and even today, our batters went for the target. We would prefer losing rather than not trying to go for victory.”

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