Samuels found guilty of anti-corruption wrongdoings

By Real11 - Aug 16 2023 292 Views

Samuels found guilty of four anti corruption offences

Former West Indies cricketer Marlon Samuls has been found guilty of four offences under the Emirates Cricket Board Anti Corruption. The International Cricket Board charged the Jamaican on behalf of the ECB back in 2021. After being found guilty, the 42 year old exercised his right to a hearing before an autonomous anti corruption tribunal.

Samuels has been found guilty of failing to reveal to the designated anti-corruption official about the receipt of a payment that was made under circumstances that could disrepute him or the sport, for failing to disclose the receipt of a gift/payment of a value of USD 750 or more, for not cooperating with the investigation and hindering or delaying it by hiding relevant information. 

The appropriate sanctions will be levied by the Tribunal after taking submissions made by each party in consideration.  

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