Sandro Tonali's father's dilemma between supporting AC Milan or his children

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Who will Sandro Tonali's father support, AC Milan or his son?

An interesting question arises ahead of the AC Milan vs. Newcastle match on matchday 1 of the 2023/2024 Champions League. Who will Sandro Tonali's father support, AC Milan or his son?

Tonali's father is known as a hard-line Milan supporter. Like a hard-line supporter, supporting your favourite club is an obligation at any moment and against anyone. His father's loyalty is now being tested. The reason is, that the opponent that Milan will face is the club defended by his son, Newcastle. This match will even be held at the San Siro, on Tuesday. How did Tonali comment on his father's complicated situation? From the bottom of the player's heart, Tonali hopes that his father will support him in this match. However, the Italian midfielder knew he couldn't expect much.

“I hope he supports me! "But I know it will be difficult to get him not to support the club he loves," he said as quoted by the Evening Standard. “But to be honest, I don't know who he will support in the future. "What is clear is that I don't want to be in his head," Tonali said again. The father may support both of them. Cheer when Milan scores a goal and also cheer when Tonali scores a goal. Even so, Tonali predicted that his father would not dare hope that one of his two loves would win the match. “I think he will support Milan and support me. Maybe he wants a draw?” said Tonali.

What is clear is that the 23-year-old midfielder's Tonali must be committed to Newcastle, who have signed him professionally. This match will be a historic match for his new club. Newcastle has been absent from the Champions League for a very long time. The last time the Magpies participated was in the 2002/2003 season.


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