Statistics and Probability -The Strategy to Play Good Fantasy Cricket

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‘Statistics and Probability’: The Strategy to Play Good Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy sports in India is a popular topic nowadays. The rising youth population of this country is eager to enjoy the live sports matcha along with the thrill of playing a fantasy game. And as it is widely known all over the world that India is a cricket-rich country, it’s nearly impossible to find someone who doesn't like cricket. This is the reason why the fantasy cricket game has become so popular over the last few decades and still growing at an alarming rate. It adds to the economy of the Indian sports industry and also directly to the country's economic prospects.

While most apps still struggle to build a well connected data system and align with statistics for a particular match. But Real11 is a one-stop solution to all your problems. We hustle to keep you updated throughout your favorite cricket fantasy league.

Let us lay some fundamental rules first: We know that data is the most important aspect of a game but it's like the icing on the cake, it can help you to win but will not definitely make you a winner unless you use the data and analytics wisely. 

Now during making a team, the important aspects are captain and vice-captain, competitors, pitch reports, pre-match analysis, and so on. Also, news, data, research, and strategy are the layovers and how you can use them along with your skill to get a perfect output. 

  • Pattern Analysis 

Understanding the pattern of the game and making a strategy for your fantasy team is the ideal way to create a great team. One should always focus on patterns of the game, like when the game is taking turns. The crucial moments of a match such as when the batsmen are aggressive or when the bowlers are picking up wickets are the factors that should be kept in mind and can be the decider for the contest for which you are making team. Users can use their skills and knowledge to analyze the match aspects and easily find out solutions for the mistakes. Those are the small points that will help you to gain more knowledge and fetch win from the hands of your opponents.

  • Quantitative is to be Analyzed

It’s good to use your own brain said earlier but that doesn't mean you will not analyze the numbers. Numbers are also an important aspect of the game. The big thing about it is, that it clarifies your doubts about a player’s performance. One should look at the statistics to find out all the analytics like the current match vs aggregate match points. Also, the player's match point should be correlated with the team. There is always a relation between the credit points and the players. The perfect calculation and use of these credit points help to create a perfect balance in the team.

  • Algorithm to help you Cope Well

When the game starts, make a broad category of stats and analytics for each and every player on both team's matches played, fours, sixes, wickets, catches and every else data available. Players should be chosen based on their past performances, and consistency which is half the work needed to be done to win. Check the statistics of ‘runs scored or bowled out’ of every player against the rival bowlers in the tournament. This would provide a brave idea about the selection of the player in your fantasy team even if he is consistent in the previous matches. After getting all the above, just check the fantasy points of the players and decide accordingly the need of them in your fantasy cricket team. 

Now you are good to go and win some real cash! The Indian T20 Fantasy League conducts daily cricket matches which are transforming Fantasy sports more into a gaming criterion. It takes a real deal to get pro at it. SPO sharpens the skills and gains more knowledge from your losses. The more you grow the more are chances to fetch huge cash rewards and other merchandise. And believe me, a good cricket fanatic would absolutely love it!

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This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly at your own risk.
This game is applicable for people 18+ only.