Tactics and Strategies required while playing fantasy cricket

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Things needs to know while playing fantasy cricket

While many believe that fantasy cricket is all about luck, only the best ones know that it’s more to do with skill than luck. The amateurs of the game fail to understand how to win huge cash rewards while playing fantasy cricket league and more so, which one is the best fantasy cricket app to win huge cash rewards.

In order to win money and other attractive gifts from various fantasy platforms, one needs to be informed about the game they are participating in. By knowing the basic information about a given match, one will always be ahead of other players. Updates regarding the pitch, playing condition, ground history and on the form of the players always proves to be crucial. However, there’s a very effective strategy that helps millions of users to win real-time cash in a very easy fashion.

The differentials are a key element of fantasy sport. While one can choose up to eleven players in their team, thus eleven other players get ignored and out of them there are at least five to six names whom almost 90% of the users ignore. Now, what if they play good and can decide the fate of the game?

If you are not in a good position in your fantasy cricket league, you can always use these differentials in order to climb up the ladder. By having differentials, you can be unpredictable and the game can be really interesting if the player/players get going. Even though people will call it luck, in reality it’s not. It is more of a skill. You can only pick differentials if you follow the sport on a daily basis. For example if a player is hitting the ball well but didn’t score enough, you can always count on him in the next match. He can cause serious damage and can give you a lot of points in the process.

You will always pick popular players because the chances of scoring a lot of runs are much higher than these differentials but if fortune favours, then no one would be able to catch you on that given day. Thus, differentials are an effective way and it is strongly advised to keep one or two such players in your squad. This can be a very effective strategy and you can catch your opponent off-guard.

 Thus, play fantasy cricket in a smart manner where you can be unpredictable and in a way will always come on top while competing in various fantasy cricket leagues.


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