Telugu buys Ravinder Pahal in the 2022 Indian Kabaddi League Auctions

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Telugu signs Ravinder Pahal ahead of Indian Kabaddi League

Star defender Ravinder Pahal was bought by Telugu for 23.0 lakhs on day 2 of the Indian Kabaddi League 2022 auction. The 28 year old is considered as one of the most decorated defenders in the history of the tournament and will bring immense value to the titans side with the abundance of experience he possesses. You'd be surprised to know that Ravinder Pahal came close to getting unsold in the PKL 6 auction before Delhi snapped him up at his base price. He continued to excel for the team throughout the following two seasons until moving to Gujarat in 2021.

Pahal’s didn’t enjoy the greatest of times in the Gujarat franchise. Hadi Oshtorak replaced him in the lineup after the ace defender, who was expected to be the team's top pick, could only fetch 12 tackle points in eight games. Despite the poor season, Telugu took a punt on him. They believe Pahal’s ability to read games and leadership skills can help them do well in the forthcoming season. Apart from Pahal, Telugu have roped in Parvesh Bhainswal to bolster their back line. 

                                                              Telugu’s Buys at the 2022 Auction                                            


                  Name                     Role                Price

                       Abhishek Singh         Raider            ₹60 lakhs 

                       Aman Kadian            Raider              ₹10 lakhs

                 Hamid Mirzaei Nader         All Rounder     ₹10.10 lakhs

                      K.Hanumanthu          All Rounder     ₹10 lakhs

         Mohsen Maghsoudlou Jafari  All Rounder     ₹20 lakhs

                       Monu Goyat             Raider              ₹20 lakhs

                  Parvesh Bhainswal        Defender           ₹62 lakhs

                         Ravinder                All Rounder       ₹10 lakhs

                      Ravinder Pahal         Defender             ₹23 lakhs

               Siddharth Sirish Desai     Raider                  ₹20 lakhs

                     Surjeet Singh              Defender              ₹50 lakhs

                      Vijay Kumar              Defender             ₹10 lakhs

                   Vishal Bhardwaj            Defender              ₹30 lakhs




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