This Portugese midfielder gets the MOM for this performance against Coventry

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FA Cup: Man Utd secured final berth after beating Coventry 4-2 in the penalty shootout

The Portugese midfielder Bruno Fernandes was chosen as the man of the match for the 2023/2024 FA Cup semi-final match between Coventry City versus Manchester United according to the FA on Sunday(21st April 2024). The Red Devils captain was the difference in this match some time ago, Wembley held the second semifinal match of the 2023/2024 FA Cup. 

In normal time, the match ended with the score tied a six-goal thriller with a score line of 3-3. So the match had to proceed to a penalty shootout, where the Red Devils were able to win in the penalty shootout with a score of 4-2. In this match, the 31-year-old Portugese star footballer Fernandes can be said to be a real threat to The Sky Blues. He was the figure who provided the assist for Harry Maguire's goal at the end of the first half. In the second half, he managed to score a goal which gave Man United a 3-0 lead over Coventry City in the 58th minute of the game.

He also almost scored at the start of extra time but his shot hit the crossbar. Meanwhile, he also managed to execute a penalty in the penalty shootout. Thanks to all these contributions, Fernandes was chosen as man of the match in this match.

Man United will face Manchester City in the final of the FA Cup 25th May 2024.

Coventry City - Manchester United Stats:

  • Goals: 3-3
  • Total Shots: 18-28
  • Shots on Target: 5-6
  • Possession: 42%-58%
  • Fouls: 8-10
  • Offsides: 1-1

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