Tips and Tricks to Save yourself from Losing a Fantasy Cricket Match

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Tips and Tricks to Save yourself from Losing a Fantasy Cricket Match

 A fantasy sport is a very interesting place as it gives immense joy and pleasure while playing. It feels great when you win a contest and get rewards. It is a skill based sport which allows users to create their own team or multiple teams and join contests to win ultimate rewards or one can also simply spend time with their friends’, competing in a virtual world of gaming to symbolise inferiority. But when you don’t perform at that level which is needed to compete with a decent score, you start feeling depressed about losing. This is all because of playing without proper research and proper knowledge of the game. And to avoid losing that hard earned money there are certain steps introduced by Real11 which will reduce the risk of losing money and making oneself confident about his game play strategy. These might not help you to win, but will increase your chances of winning while lessening the losing chances.

Try to play more Practice matches

New users are not accustomed to using the app and find it difficult to choose and create a team. In this case if he is not confident and still joins a cash contest he may lose all his money invested. Also if someone starts a winning streak and overestimates their winning ability then it may also be the reason to end up getting dashed later. So to avoid this everyone should join the practice matches, play with other opponents, know their strategies, learn from the mistakes, gain skill, knowledge and confidence to play a real cash contest to win rewards.

Make use of Fantasy Cricket tips and Read Match previews

Real11 provides a different section (How to Play) specifically for providing fantasy cricket tips. There one can visit and learn to understand the different tips on how to play fantasy cricket and form teams, join contests and wish rewards. It not only increases the chance of winning but also helps to gain knowledge and perform well in the game.

Another way of increasing chances of winning is to read match previews in Real11’s ‘BLOG’ section where every detail about players’ performance is provided and what are the possible chances of winning with that specific player.

Create Limited but Quality Teams

Team selection is of first and foremost importance to a fantasy match, as real players win matches and fantasy players win matches and fetch you huge rewards. So it’s important to form teams in limited quantity but best quality to increase the chances to win. Also one should have a good research about past performances or current form of players before forming the team and choosing the captain and vice-captain.

Don’t go for Playing all the Matches

After formation of a good team it’s important that either you are confident to use your team in that particular match or not. Sometimes it may be that you have formed a team which looks good on pen and paper but you are not well accustomed with the teams competing in the real competition. At that point you need to decide when to grab and when to let go of that opportunity. So it’s preferable to not run behind playing cash contests in all matches and give a break and play practice matches sometimes.

Don’t go for All at Once

The user should have a calculation about how to spend the money and on what. Like there are contests starting from a very minimum amount to a large amount. So one must decide before joining a contest how much he wants to spend and it is preferable not to spend all the hard earned money at once. Although one can divide a larger amount into joining multiple contests with multiple teams to increase the chances of winning.

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This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly at your own risk.
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