Top 3 mistakes users should avoid while playing Fantasy Cricket

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Top 3 Mistakes Users should avoid while playing Fantasy Cricket Online

The real deal for playing fantasy cricket is skills, knowledge, and tactics. Fantasy players don't have a stable position, there are always ups and downs in the process of playing. While some common mistakes can lead to your downfall. Nevertheless, those mistakes will help learn and you rise above others one day.

It does not matter whether you are an amateur or you are a pro in the field of fantasy sports. You will commit mistakes and here we are there for you to solve your problems. So, here are some tips for you so that you don't change yourself and adopt the several aspects that will make you stay relevant and consistent in the field of fantasy cricket. 


No Space for the Favourites

Don’t know how many of you need to do this, don’t pick your favourites for your fantasy team. Skills-based games like fantasy cricket require intellectual thinking and not an emotional approach. So, just remember you are putting your hard-earned money at stake. Picking your personal favourites all the time, even if he is not in good form, is not going to help you at all. Yes, obviously support your favourites while watching the game. Cricket is a game of passion, emotion, and aggression. But fantasy cricket is a game of skill, tactics, and knowledge. The strategy should always be to stick with quality players who will be the match winners for your team. For instance, choosing in-form batsmen, an all-rounder who can impress with his batting skills, and also bowl one or two overs is a plus. Also, consistent bowlers pick regular wickets and are economical. Picking your favourite player is neither luck nor skill, it’s just an emotional bond that is not applicable in fantasy cricket if you have the mindset to win. Instead, go for players who have already performed well in the given conditions.


Keep Track of the Playing Conditions

Cricket is a game that is played in varying conditions all over the world. You need to study all the conditions minutely. Also, you should look at the weather reports and focus on the pitch conditions before the match begins. A pitch report can be a turning point for certain players and you need to identify such aspects of the game and use them wisely. Always get a hold of the playing conditions before making your team. The impact of weather can have a massive impact on an open-world outdoor sport like cricket.

For example, suppose a team is playing on a dry pitch with clear weather is ideal playing conditions for a player with good batting skills. Similarly, a grass pitch will assist fast bowlers more, as the ball will skeet and the batsman will face a quick delivery. That’s why selection should be made based on all these conditions.

Most amateur fantasy users overlook this issue of pitch conditions and randomly pick players, resulting in finishing out of the winner leaderboard. To avoid such mistakes, keep an eyeball on the pitch report in the match preview, which usually takes place before the match.

Also, listen to the captains and the commentators before the match. They basically provide vital information in a brief including the playing XI and then it’s up to you to process all and choose the team accordingly.


Know the Rules

Fantasy cricket players often don’t abide by the rules. This can become a very basic reason to lose. While you are using money to play a paid contest in order to get huge cash rewards. You always should remember the rules. One of the basic rules is to know the point system and make the Playing XI accordingly. For instance, a player is awarded points for every achievement in the match. When a player is included in the playing XI he gets points. This means one should be aware to make a team of eleven active players so that all of them fetch credit points for your playing XI. Also apart from that bowlers' bowling dots, picking wickets; batsmens’ scoring runs, half-century, century; wicketkeepers’ stumping; fielders catching or involved in a run-out; all are important aspects of the point system. 

And the most important factor in choosing the captain and vice-captain wisely. This is because the captain fetches double points (2x credit) and the vice-captain receives 1.5x points irrespective of the Playing XI. Hence select them accordingly keeping in mind all the stats and factors.

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