Top 3 tips to win big in the Indian T20 League

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Top 3 tips to Win Big in the Indian T20 Fantasy League

India is a cricket-loving nation. People here are so fond of cricket that even once in a lifetime everyone thought of becoming a cricketer and representing the country. Cricket being the staple sport, generates huge revenue through its different gaming formats. And one of the most popular and entertaining amongst them is the Indian T20 League. The Indian T20 League is the most aggressive format of cricket the fans have ever witnessed. Being said that, only watching a live cricket match on TV has not quenched the thirst of the cricket fanatics around. Fantasy cricket filled that point and helped fantasy players to experience a different level of the game. A fantasy cricket game is easy to play for one who uses his knowledge, skills, and tactics to assess the conditions and work accordingly. Users tend to join multiple fantasy cricket matches with several teams in order to increase their chances of winning. 

Now here we are with some pro tips on how to win big in fantasy cricket leagues. The one following these tips will surely succeed if he uses them properly at the correct time. So, let's get started:


Evaluate the Conditions

One of the main factors for playing fantasy cricket and winning prizes is rightly assessing the conditions. It is very important to know the on-field and weather conditions before the game begins. Unlike other sports, cricket is an outdoor sports event and conditions vary from stadium to stadium here. Pitch conditions are important factors in selecting players because certain players perform exceptionally well in certain kinds of pitches. 

To know what the condition of the pitch is, one can watch the pre-match analysis on the TV or read our match previews on our website. For instance, the pitch can be good for hard hitters or spinners, or fast bowlers. Now it is up to you which player to take in your playing XI and which one to leave.

Our blogs provide information about players’ head-to-head stats. This helps the user to analyse all the conditions and take necessary actions accordingly. So it’s recommended to read the match previews prepared by our experts. It is available along with other interesting topics on sports only on Real11, the best fantasy sports app in India.


Maintain Team-Balance

Making a fantasy team is an easy task if you work according to the rules and follow expert instructions. You need to gain knowledge about the game of cricket and the players on the ground to create a perfect playing XI. Fantasy cricket is a game of skill and users need to analyse all the statistics properly to get results and win. As winning and losing is a part of the game, one who commits mistakes needs to understand that losing is the process of learning. And learning leads to winning matches.

So keeping that in mind, while making a fantasy cricket team with real-time players on the field, one should think of the perfect team balance. There are various factors that lead to a good team balance. Always remember you need to come out of your fandom and forget about choosing your favourite players. This is because players win matches and it might be the case that your favourite player is not in good touch. And also it’s almost impossible for players to perform well in every match. So analysing and choosing them into the Playing XI is the cleverest thing one can do. 

It’s better to pick hard-hitting wicket-keepers, along with batsmens’ who are in sublime touch. Also, don’t target to pick all-rounders who can score some quick runs at the end and fit in the role of a finisher. It will be an icing on the cake if the all-rounder bowls one or two overs. And bowlers are a decisive part of a team. So choose the ones who pick regular wickers and are also economical.


Perfect Leader for the Role

After making a fantasy cricket team. The most important thing is to choose the correct leaders. The captain and vice-captain of a fantasy team are totally different from the real-life cricket game. Here the Captain is not the leader who makes team decisions, whereas he gets double (2X credit points) according to his performance on the field. And also the vice captain fetches 1.5X Credit points. So it is really essential to choose them correctly. This can also be done by analysing the players and the conditions. Simply use your knowledge of the game and select those players whom you think can perform the best in the present conditions. If you think it’s a bowling pitch then choose the best bowler as your captain and it’s always recommended that the vice-captain be an all-rounder. This is because if he fails with the bat or didn't get a chance to bat, he can recover the points through his bowling skills. You can also choose a debutant as a captain if you think he is a young talent and has performed excellently in the domestic cricket circuit. 

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