Top 5 Tips before heading for a Successful Start in Fantasy Cricket

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Top 5 Tips before heading for a Successful Start in Fantasy Cricket

A fantasy sport app is a great platform to win rewards and enjoy the sport event at the same time. Cricket is the game of love for the people of India. Fantasy Cricket is one of the most rapidly growing games in India, that’s all because people are fanatics about the sport and that fanaticism inspires them to create teams with virtual players who play in real life events. Real11 values the hard earned money of its newcomers to this app. That’s why to ensure a good win, here are five such tips which are important to keep in mind while making a team in Real11 contests.

1. Do a Detailed Research Beforehand

You can’t just make a team based on your favourite players or your gut feelings. To win a contest you need to do a detailed research on different contests based on your purse value you want to use. Next you need to choose players uniformly from all sections like batsmen, bowlers, all-rounder’s within the credit limit. Also there should be proper research on the form of players, tactics, strengths and weaknesses.

2. Try to Utilise all your Credit Points Properly

You will have 100 credit points to form a fantasy cricket team of your choice. Utilise it properly by choosing players who are capable of making a good win. All depends on the selection of players, players with high credit scores denote his earlier performances and low ones signifies that the player is not in a good form. But it’s up to you which players to choose as no one will play poorly in every match; performance varies from team to team.

3. Pick up Consistent Batsmen

A fantasy team needs players who will perform consistently and will hold his game till the last ball of the innings. This will fetch your team good points and help you to win the contests. Also it’s necessary to pick up big hitters who can score runs quickly on the field and get more boundaries and sixes than singles or doubles.

4. Pick up Wicket Taking Bowlers

The bowling unit of both sides consists of some players who take regular wickets and are economical on the field. Those bowlers are suitable for the position in your fantasy team, as wickets will fetch you points.

5. Choose your Captain and Vice-Captain carefully

Similar to the real teams on field, the fantasy teams also consist of captain and vice-captain. Here in a fantasy contest, the Captain fetches you 2X more points while the Vice-Captain brings 1.5X greater points than the other fantasy players in the Paying XI. The captain and vice-captain can be the decisive point between you and your rival’s fantasy team. An in-form captain and vice-captain should both perform well whether he is a batsman, bowler or all-rounder, so that the team can get an extra boost to lead the contest table. 

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