Virat Kohli parting ways with PUMA?

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PUMA responds to reports on Virat Kohli’s departure

Reports said that Virat Kohli is set to end his long-time deal with PUMA, but the brand has come out with a statement to deny the claims. In a brief meeting, Karthik Balagopan, Managing Director of PUMA India said, “PUMA’s relationship with Virat Kohli is long-standing and continues.” 

Kohli signed a deal with PUMA, one of the most famous sports brands in the whole world, which earned a total of ₹110 crore in 2017. 

Under the partnership with PUMA, Kohli also launched a lifestyle brand named ‘One8’.

“It’s a privilege to be part of a great list of athletes that Puma has. Not just today’s icons like Usain Bolt but also the brand’s rich history with Pele, Maradona, Thierry Henry, and others,” Virat Kohli stated in 2017 after signing a deal with PUMA. 

Yet on Wednesday it was reported that Kohli is now ready to switch on after a seven-year partnership and would be the new face of Agilitas Sports Pvt Ltd. The most surprising fact is that he wouldn’t just endorse the brand but is also expected to hold a stake in the company. 

Agilitas Sports Pvt. Ltd. was founded by former PUMA India Managing Director Abhishek Ganguly in May 2023.

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