Will Lionel Scaloni leave the Argentine National Team?

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Lionel Scaloni drops a hint to part ways with Argentina

The 45-year-old Lionel Scaloni has an extraordinary record as coach of the Argentine national team. However, the head coach admitted that he was carefully considering other options in the future. La Albiceleste national team is the first senior team coached by Lionel Scaloni in full. Previously, he served as an assistant and coach for the U-20s. Scaloni was also an assistant at Sevilla.

Initially, there were many doubts about Scaloni's capacity as a coach for World Cup winner star Lionel Messi and his team-mate. However, the former player was able to win two important titles, namely the Copa America and the 2022 World Cup. Most recently, Scaloni brought Argentina to record an important moment with a win against Brazil at the Maracana Stadium. So, how does Scaloni see his future with Argentina? Lionel Scaloni is certainly expected to continue coaching Argentina. He can build a solid and harmonious team. However, Scaloni admitted that he was still thinking further about his future.

"I need to think a lot about what I am going to do. I need time to think," said Scaloni, quoted by ESPN. Scaloni was appointed as coach of the Argentine national team in August 2018. Since then, Scaloni has played 66 matches and won 48 wins. Argentina under Scaloni has only lost six times. "This national team needs a coach who has maximum energy, and that is fine," he stressed.

There have been several speculations about Lionel Scaloni's future. The match against Brazil at the Maracana Stadium on Wednesday is said to be his final moment. However, Scaloni denied this speculation. "It's not a farewell, it's nothing else. But I have to think because the standards are very high and it's difficult to keep going. It's hard to keep winning," he stressed. Scaloni was seen giving a hug to his assistant and several people who helped him in the Argentina national team after the duel against Brazil. ESPN called the moment a 'farewell' because Argentina will not play again in 2024.

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