Xavi Hernandez returns home, but can he fix things at Barca

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Can Xavi bring back the golden days of FC Barcelona?

Xavi Hernandez has officially been given the responsibility of bringing FC Barcelona back on track. The legendary player was with the Qatar based club Al Sadd and was extremely successful in his tenure. The Barca fans are very hopeful that their former number six can pull something off at Barcelona as well but can he? What are the changes that’s required and what Xavi exactly needs to do at Barcelona? Most importantly, can Xavi bring back the golden days of the Catalonian club? Here’s what we think.

Xavi was a tremendous player. He is definitely one of the best midfielders that the world has ever seen. However, in order to prove his mettle as a coach, Xavi needs to be bold and fearless. He has got some tremendous young players in his hand. Any team in the world will be fortunate to have them in their team. The main job of Xavi will be to brush them up. The former captain needs to instill faith in them and give them the motivation that’s needed.

The second thing that he needs is some new players. Signing Memphis Depay, one of the hottest property of world football was terrific but he couldn’t really show his caliber until now. Sergio Aguero was out for most part of the season while Luuk De Jong is non-existent and Gerard Pique isn’t the same player anymore and Jordi Alba looks like a burden now. Thus, the winter transfer window will be key for FC Barcelona. He needs to sign players who can adapt quickly to the famous Tiki-Taka system, something that Xavi might carry forward.

It’s important to note that, Xavi hasn’t managed anywhere other than Al Sadd. Yes, he has been extremely successful over there, but Qatar’s top division is equal to the Spanish third division. Thus, it won’t be easy for Xavi as well. Fans are obviously hopeful on the return of their club legend but can he do the job that’s required? Xavi’s got everything that’s required except a couple of players here and there; but a good coach can win games with that problem.

Xavi has the potential to be a tremendous coach. He actually can be the next Pep Guardiola but Barca needs to trust him and give him sufficient time. At the moment, he needs to build a team from scratch and he might need some time to do that. The board needs to be extremely patient. Something they weren’t with Lucho or even Valverde! Barca needs to trust the process and soon the success will follow. Xavi knows the theory better than anyone else. He along with Iniesta was at the centre of it. Thus, choosing him was definitely the right decision. He can bring back the golden days of FC Barcelona.


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