Daniele De Rossi: AS Roma must win against AC Milan

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AS Milan will host AS Roma in the Europa League in the quarter-final

A promise was given by the 40-year-old Daniele De Rossi ahead of AS Roma's visit to the San Siro. He promised that his team would fight to the last drop of blood to beat AC Milan, they will challenge the Rossoneri at the San Siro on Thursday(11th April 2024) to play the first leg of the 2023/2024 Europa League quarter-finals. Ahead of this match, the conditions of the two teams were quite different. AC Milan is in second place in the Serie A standings while AS Roma is in fifth place, 13 points behind.

Even so, De Rossi believes that what happened in Serie A cannot be used as a benchmark in the Europa League. "These two competitions are two different competitions, so the Serie A standings are not relevant for this match," said De Rossi in his recent press conference. Furthermore, the Italian manager denied the notion that La Magica would play carefree against AC Milan. He said his team had the desire to go far in this tournament so they had an obligation to beat AC Milan. "I heard people say that Roma played carefree in this match, but they were wrong, Roma must win this match because this is our opportunity to play in the Europa League semifinals," continued De Rossi.

De Rossi said that AS Roma must target victory when facing AC Milan. For this reason, he wants his team to work hard and give their best so they can beat the Rossoneri in this match. "In this phase, there is no such thing as a draw. We have to try to win, whether in tomorrow's match or the second leg," he concluded. AS Roma itself has a less than impressive record when it meets AC Milan in the 2023/2024 season. From the two previous meetings, The Lupi always lost to AC Milan with a score of 3-1 and 1-2.

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