Erik ten Hag gets the limelight for this reason against Arsenal

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Arsenal edge past Man United by 1-0 in a crucial match

Manchester United manager, Erik ten Hag was in the spotlight in the Red Devils versus Arsenal match, Sunday(12th May 2024).  Apart from United losing, Ten Hag was also widely discussed because of his choice of clothes while playing at Old Trafford, United had to fall behind when the game had only been running for 21 minutes. Leandro Trossard took advantage of the Red Devils defender's negligence to convert Kai Havertz's assist into a goal. Man United, which is not strengthened by a number of its main pillars, is trying to catch up. However, their efforts were fruitless until the final whistle sounded.

This defeat left United stuck in eighth place in the standings with 54 points. Meanwhile, achieving full points brought Arsenal back to the top of the standings table, maintaining their chances of becoming champions. One interesting thing that was highlighted by many parties from this match was Ten Hag's choice of costume. The Dutchman decided to wear a brown suit made from linen at first glance, there is nothing strange about this outfit until you look at the fact that before the match there was a weather forecast that said there would be heavy blasphemy around Old Trafford.

Typically, in situations like this, a trainer will wear water-friendly clothing, such as a training jacket. However, Ten Hag did not do this, sure enough, heavy rain poured down on United's proud stadium in the final minutes. As a result, Ten Hag's expensive suit became soaked. Inevitably, Ten Hag's choice of clothing became the topic of discussion for many people. One of them is the former United skipper, Gary Neville. "He moved on to spring/summer too quickly," Neville said on Sky Sports.

"Ten Hag deserves to be fired because of that suit, plus his choice of clothes and shoes," said one netizen on social media. "The choice of Ten Hag's linen suit when a storm was predicted was a huge error of judgment. Especially with Sir Jim Ratcliffe watching in the stands," wrote another netizen. "Ten Hag's suit was damaged in the rain. Go straight to C&A (Dutch clothing store) in the morning to get a replacement." wrote another netizen. A keen observer added: "Erik ten Hag looks like he's wearing the same suit he wore on his first day on the job. Turn back the clock?" The heavy rain that poured down on the Old Trafford area at the end of the match even caused the roof of the stadium nicknamed the Dream Theater to leak, as seen in a video that went viral. Apart from that, there is also video footage showing the roof leaking and causing water to flow rapidly. The strong flow of water even caused several areas of the stands to be flooded, not a good situation.

This is not the first time leaks and flooding have occurred at Old Trafford and this incident has gone viral several times. Sir Jim Ratcliffe also seems very unhappy with this situation.

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