First time in his career, This star footballer missed a match due to injury

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Bruno Fernandes gets injured for the first time in his career

There was no Bruno Fernandes' name on Manchester United's squad list against Crystal Palace on Monday(06th May 2024). The Red Devils captain didn't even make the bench. According to the ESPN report, the 29-year-old Portugese star was forced to miss this match due to injury and this is the first time in his career that Bruno has had to miss a match for this reason.

Bruno's injury has not been explained by the club, nor has it been discussed by Erik ten Hag. However, Bruno's absence has had a big impact on the team's play, his career as a professional footballer is quite long, starting from Novara, Udinese, Sampdoria, Sporting, and now Manchester United. Previously, while defending these clubs, Bruno was never forced to miss a match due to injury.

In fact, since joining United in January 2020, Bruno has only missed one match, namely the match against Tottenham (3-2) in 2022. That was because of illness, not because of injury. Now, the Portuguese midfielder was forced to miss the visit to Selhurst Park. United visited Palace without Bruno, who was hit by an injury and they suffered a 0-4 defeat against the Hosts. It is not yet clear what kind of injury is bothering Bruno but one thing is certain, this injury is the first experience for Bruno that has forced him to miss a match.

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